New addition to – Sound Off


Hey Houston, do you have something on your mind that you just have to let people know about?

Got a complaint about something?

Need to vent?

Need a shoulder to cry on?

Want to get something off your chest and don’t know where to do it?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, the you need to SOUND OFF!

Sound Off is the newest addition to the site.  It’s purpose is to give YOU the opportunity to voice YOUR opinion.  All you have to do is use THIS FORM and submit your entry.  We can’t promise that we will post every single entry that we get, but we’ll do our best.  Not every entry will make the front page of the site either, but some will.

There are not a lot of rules, we just try and use our better judgement on what to post.  The more interesting and relevant your topic is, the more likely it is to get posted.

So keep it clean and stay classy Houston.  We can’t wait to hear what is on your mind!


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