Sound Off: Fight Doctors and Their Watches


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Title: Fight Doctors and Their Watches
What’s on their mind:

Is it too much to ask for a doctor to show up on time to weigh-ins. I understand they are highly trained sophisticated individuals, not to mention busy. I have a few doctors in my family and god bless them. But, apparently most of their watches are set to Pacific time. To get into a doctors office you have to make an appointment and if your late you usually receive a fine of some kind. FYI, if you are on time don’t tell the doctor you’re crunched for time. They get the red ass.

As a fighter, once you get to weigh-ins you pray for it to go as quick as possible. Most of the time your kidneys feel like they are about to drop out of you ass, your blood is thick as molasses, and gravity begins to force your head towards the ground. Before the next weigh-in, let’s put a gallon of water in the middle of a group of fighters. Don’t be surprised if a 145er bashes a bigger mans face in to get to that sweet nectar.

Every weigh-in I have been to the doctor is ALWAYS late. Not talking 10 or 15 minutes late, more like a few hours late. Look, I’m not sounding off to say this is a life altering situation. But doc, you know what time we start at. Can you please make an effort to have one of your assistants remind you there are a group fighters sitting on their asses waiting anxiously to tip the scales.

Word to the doctors, we appreciate the amazing work you do and the stitches. Just mix in a time adjustment and an alarm clock.

Oh one last thing, doctors if you are on time don’t expect the same applause you receive when your hours late. Instead, you may receive a firm pat on the ass and a few positive words of affirmation.

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