Sound Off: The End Of B3 Sports


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Author: Ragan McDaniel
Title: The End Of B3 Sports
What’s on their mind:

I want to start off this letter with the most important thought that I have on my mind, and that is “thank you Houston MMA”.  The time has come for me to step aside from B3 Sports Management, Inc., a company that I have put my heart and soul into for many years.  This is a decision that I have struggled with for a while now and it took some unfortunate situations for me to finally decide this is best.  For those that do not know me personally, I am a religious person.  I am proud to say that I read my bible every night and say my prayers before meals and when I lay down at night.  I believe that God has been throwing stop signs at me for a while now and I have just gone right through them.  It took an unfortunate situation with my 9 year old daughter recently that made me finally listen to those stop signs and realize that I am needed much more at home than I am in the MMA community.  Even though I am stepping away from managing fighters, I will still be fully involved with Legacy Fighting Championships as the production director, so I’m not completely disappearing…lol…get your music in early!

I spoke with Barry and AJ and greatly appreciate them allowing me to release this on The Cage Door.  This website has become a home to the most important news and notes concerning Houston MMA and surrounding areas, and I look forward to also contributing more in the future if they’ll allow me to do so.  There are so many people that I want to thank and I would love to list each one individually.  I know that as soon as I start doing so, I will leave someone out and feel completely like crap for doing so.  A lot of people don’t know this, but it was actually me and Chad Robichaux that started this management company here in Houston many years ago.  It was originally called Ultimate Fight Management but I changed to B3 Sports Management once my 3rd “B” was on the way.  My wife Lacey had the wonderful idea to name it “B3” which is the first initial of my 3 children (Blaine, Breland, and Brady).  So, Robo, I don’t know whether to give you a hug and say thanks again or kick you in the shin for making me go through the stress every day!!! LOL!  Seriously, thank you brother.

There are many things I’m going to miss in the MMA world on the management side, but I honestly can say that I feel as if I have gotten a monkey off my back.  My personality is to give and give, do everything I can to make sure that everyone is happy.  I have never asked for anything in return, just wanted to earn the respect and appreciation of others by working hard and doing things the right way.  The world of MMA is changing daily…some for the good and some for the bad.  Those that know me personally know that I don’t hold my tongue and say what I feel.  The lack of appreciation, on top of the greater expectations of fighters also wears on an individual.  It is another big reason why I feel it is time for me to remove myself from the situation.  No one or no situation in particular, just a growing problem in the world of MMA as it continues to grow.

I don’t have a ringer on my cell phone, not even on vibrate.  If you call my phone and I’m not looking directly at it, I don’t know you even called.   I miss dozens of calls every day because I really just don’t have the time.  I know several people that will attest to that!  I am literally working on something MMA related from the time I wake up until after midnight, almost 7 days a week.  It’s not fair to my family and I am missing out on the things that are important to me.  For that specific reason, I’m actually very excited to slow down and start enjoying time at home with my wife and children and not have worry about fight business.  I’m sure I will miss it at times, but I’m really looking forward to coaching my son’s football team, going to my daughter’s dance classes, and going to my youngest son’s soccer practices every week.  Those are the things that I love and are some of the things that have suffered due to my busy schedule.  I have discussed this decision with my family in detail and they are all 100% in support.

One question I’ve been asked is “what happens to the B3 fighters?”  One of the great individuals that have helped me make B3 a successful company, Mr. Richard Burmaster, will continue to manage some of the fighters that he recruited and signed.  He has already discussed the situation with them and I am going to make sure that the transition is smooth and everyone is on the same page.  Rich knows what he’s doing in the MMA business, especially when it comes to dealing with fighters.  He’s a constant professional and one that I will always support in every way.  As far as other B3 fighters, I have spoken to one of my really good friends and someone that I have the utmost respect for, Mr. Brett Boyce from Made to Win, and I am hoping that he is going to start working with those guys.  Brett and Shari have a great company and one that is going to continue to be very successful as they grow.  I would recommend any fighter that is not currently signed to get in touch with them immediately.  They run a first class organization from top to bottom.  I am also working directly with Brett to transition other fighters over to M2W.

So, with all of that being said, I want to end the same way that I started, by saying thank you.  I love Houston MMA and look forward to continuing my job with Legacy.  I can’t “sign off” without singling out a few individuals directly though.  To my wife Lacey, thank you for putting up with me and the world of MMA.  Just saying that isn’t enough, but I will spend a lifetime thanking you.  Mr. Mike “The Truth” Jackson…you, sir, are a brother to me and I thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.  Rich…you know how I feel…thank you brother.  Barry and AJ, keep up the first class work.  Maybe one day I’ll talk you two into letting me do some “writing” on here just to bring a coonass approach!  Mick “Dingo” Maynard, you’re at the top of my list of those I respect in this world.  It really doesn’t get any better than you, sir.

Thank you Houston.  I’m going to hang with my wife and kids now.  Peace.