Re-Cap: Henderson vs Cerrone – Fight of the Year Candidate

The Henderson vs Cerrone main event capped a great night of WEC fights from San Antonio, Texas.  The main event was a tremendous battle that showcased two of the rising stars of the WEC, fighting for the interim Lightweight Belt.  An epic back and forth battle that showed the true meaning of heart and skill.   This fight had everything a fight fan wants to see, and that come as no surprise, as fight fans have come to expect great fights from the WEC.

Round 1

Cerrone started the round off by slipping on an attempted high kick and Henderson charges right in for the take down.  Cerrone latches on a deep guillotine, Henderson fights off the guillotine and Cerrone transitions instantly into a beautiful triangle. Henderson again fights through the submission and got to his feet. Another strong takedown by Henderson and he starts to land solid body blows from Cerrone’s open guard. Round ends with Henderson landing punches. It was a solid technical round. Unbelievable sub escapes from the BJJ purple Belt Henderson

Round 2

Starts out with Henderson taking Cerrone down right away. Cerrone gets right. Henderson charges back in but misses the takedown and Cerrone has his back. Henderson work back into Cerrone’s guard. Both fighters exhibit very smooth transitions. Cerrone attempts an armbar but Henderson fights out again. Henderson is now standing over Cerrone landing some big shots. Great posture from Henderson. He was completely controlling Cerrone from the top. Round ends with Henderson in this dominant position.

Round 3

Henderson shoots in quickly again and scores the takedown, transition to side control, Cerrone kicks his way out again. Henderson again is able to posture up and land some solid shots. Every time Cerrone gets up, Henderson takes him right back down.

Round 4

Cerrone starts out with a solid combo and shoots in for the takedown. Cerrone has a very deep Darce’ Choke latched on .This could be the end. Wow. After almost a minute and a half of fighting this choke Ben Henderson works his way out again. Huge heart being shown by Henderson. They stand back up and again Henderson shoots in for the takedown but Cerrone seems to have figured out his timing and is stuffing the takedowns over and over again. This was a g-reat adjustment on the part of Cerrone. Henderson slow to get back on his feet after the failed takedowns and he heats a couple big uppercuts that have the crowd on their feet. Cerrone is now the aggressor standing over Henderson landing vicious leg kicks. Henderson gets up and Cerrone sits him right back down with a huge leg kick that leaves Henderson on his back as the round ends.

Through four rounds I had this fight even with Cerrone taking rounds 1 and 4 and Henderson winning rounds 2 and 3.

Round 5

Henderson and Cerrone come out to the middle of the cage and hug. What a huge show of respect by these fighters. Henderson shoots for the takedown, but is only successful at stuffing Cerrone against the cage. Cerrone lands a big elbow and Henderson drops down for another takedown. Cerrone kicks his way back up to his feet and stuffs another takedown attempt. Henderson shoots in again and Cerrone pulls guard. Cerrone quickly locks in another triangle. Henderson works his way out only to end up in a deep shoulder lock. Very very deep. Looks as if Henderson’s shoulder is going to pop out of place! Again he escapes! Back on their feet again Henderson scores another takedown only to end up in another triangle. Cerrone transitions to a deep armbar and miraculously Henderson flips out of this one as well! Round is over and the crowd rises to their feet loudly cheering for these two warriors.


Judges score the fight 48-47 for the new interim Lightweight Champion Ben “smooth” Henderson.

This was one of the best fights I have ever had the pleasure to watch. This will be a fight of the year candidate!  Both fighters showed tremendous heart and high level ground skills.  Ben’s sub defense is ridiculous.  The WEC continues to shine with some of the best action that can be found anywhere.  Henderson and Cerrone gave the crowd all they had, and as it turns out, they both had a lot to give.