Predictions: WGC – March 20, 2010


The race for most expert expert (I just totally made that up) is a close one.  Our last round of predictions was disappointing for all three of our prognosticators.  Rich is coming off an abismal 1-5 showing in predicting the March 20th Legacy FC fights, while Justin and Mike both went 3-3.   I’m not sure if you can say Rich fell back to the pack or if  Mike and Justin caught up to him, either way, the records are much closers now.

Do you agree with them or do you think they are crazy?  Either way, let ‘em know!  When you’re done reading all the pics, feel free to leave your own picks and comments below and let our experts and Houston know who you think is going to win and why.

Meet the experts

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas ( Mike Calimbas is an MMA Writer, devotee, and fan that has been a part of the Mixed Martial Arts community for over fifteen years. He has served as a ring official & timekeeper for amateur MMA in numerous local events in Texas with the USACA/Lonestar Beatdown. Mike has also written and provided analysis on the topic of MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for various online publications, including FightLine, Ploomy, and Mike has been training BJJ, etc. on-and-off for the past six years. Off the mats, he spends most of his time with his family, including his baby son, Nicholas and girlfriend, Megan. For more on Mike, check him out on

JustinTrappJustin Trapp ( Justin Trapp is a photographer, designer and one of the premier marketing minds in the MMA industry. He manages the branding and marketing for mma companies, fighters and gyms. He has been a loyal fan of the sport since its inception and works to educate the biased. To see some of his work visit his website,

RichardBurmasterRichard Burmaster ( – (5-5-0) Richard Burmaster is co-owner of (and a writer for) He has been active in the MMA scene for close to 8 years and has trained in MMA for the last 5 years. His job keeps him on the go across the United States, and thus has afforded him the opportunity to train in many of the top gyms across the nation. From Army combatives to the Militech Fighting Systems, he has been able to try out many of the martial arts from coast to coast. When Richard is not working on his full time job, training in MMA or working on, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son.


ComingSoon Kenny Burke Name Kierre Gooch ComingSoon
The Hurt Nickname
Not Ranked TCD rank Not Ranked
155 Weight 155
0-1-0 Record 1-5-0
Westside MMA Gym Bushi Ban
Mike Justin Rich Picks

Mike:  Burke and Gooch are both athletic specimens with high motors. I see lots of potential from these guys despite both coming off unfortunate losses.

In Gooch’s case, honestly, I think what we have is a fighter who should be much better than his 1-5 record. He’s explosive, has good stand up, and a decent game on the ground. All of his losses except for one are to fighters that are currently undefeated. The other is to a beast named Daniel Pineda. All that leads me to believe that Kierre is vastly underrated despite his record.And my guess is that he’s been working his wrestling and submission defense heading into this fight looking for a win.

In Burke, we have a fighter with a 3-1 overall record (pro & ammy) who also doubles as a conditioning coach for an expremely competitve team in Westside MMA. He’s not lacking in sparring partners, that’s for sure. Plus. he’s well-rounded, a big 155’er, and should, by most accounts, be 4-0 if not for his getting caught late with the choke in his fight with Bad Man Barringer.

In truth, this is one of the tougher fights of the night to predict a winner.  I want to pick the seemingly fearless Gooch to notch a well-deserved 2nd win but statistically, I have got to go with Westside’s Kenny Burke. Either by decision or a submission off a scramble somewhere.

Prediction:  Kenny Burke, either by decision or a submission off a scramble somewhere.

Justin: I have seen Kenny fight live twice and was impressed both times.  Youtube didnt like the search term “Kierre Gooch” so its hard for me to pick against a solid all around fighter like Kenny without having seen any footage.  Kenny by Unanimous Decision

Prediction:  Burke by Unanimous Decision

Rich: Gooch has a very good clinch game and a sweet ass last name. Burke is a very well rounded fighter with an underrated striking game. This could be the fight of the night as both of these fighters like to push the pace.

Prediction:  Burke by TKO

ComingSoon Jon Kirk Name Larry Hopkins ComingSoon
El Jaguar Nickname Dynamite
Not Ranked TCD rank Not Ranked
185 Weight 185
14-8-0 Record 3-9-0
Aztlan Fight Club Gym Team Dynamite
Mike Justin Rich Picks

Mike: Mr. Kirk is a seasoned, seasoned fighter. I remember watching him fight at Verizon back in the old days, slapping people open-handed in Saul Soliz’ Renegades fights. Atr 31 years old, Jon is still at it and making a respectable living as a veteran. And he’s only lost to good guys. at 3-9, I don’t see Larry Hopkins as having enough tricks under his belt to beat a fighter with Kirk’s credentials. No disrespect to Mr. Hopkins but I’ll have to predict a finish in this fight, sub or KO.

Prediction: Kirk via sub or KO

Justin: So Youtube loves Jon Kirk considering the number of fights he has had the last several years.  He is a scrappy veteran and I think experience will be the difference in this fight.  Larry hopkins looked very tentative in his fight with Patrick Hutton, so unless he can come out and catch Jon early I see this being a submission victory for Jon in round 3.

Prediction:  Submission victory for Kirk in round 3

Rich: Hopkins has heavy hands and good speed. Jon Kirk may be the most underatted fighter in Houston. Very few flaws in his game.

Prediction:  Kirk by TKO

ComingSoon Nick Mitchell Name Derrick Lewis ComingSoon
Big Time Nickname
Not Ranked TCD rank Not Ranked
240 Weight 245
1-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Rocky Long MMA Gym Silverback MMA
Mike Justin Rich Picks

Mike: Big Nick Mitchell, former WWE star! This guy has the potential to be one of the local Houston guys that can break-out nationally if his ever-progessing MMA skillset catches up with his awesome ability to cut pre-fight promos. Looking at his Derek Lewis’ record, he looks like a fighter that, win-or-lose, goes for broke. All this adds up to a recipe for a barnburner. I’ll have to say Mitchell takes this one via KO – and not just because he was in the WWE or played college football for Blinn. It’s because he’s dating former fitness model, Playboy and WWE’s Torrie Wilson. How the hell can I pick against that?!?

Prediction: Mitchell takes this one via KO

Justin: In the few YouTube fights I saw, Nick Mitchell got caught early in fights but then would rebound with some ground n pound.  I see this fight going like a few of his others.

Prediction:  Nick Mitchell by TKO round 1

Rich:  Lewis has heavy hands and good grappling. Mitchell may be the best pure athelete in Houston, add that to an impressive striking skill set and you have a dangerous fighter.  Lewis has the skill set to beat Mitchell but I don’t see it happening here.

Prediction:  Mitchell by TKO

ComingSoon Sam Hoger Name Patrick Miller ComingSoon
The Alaskan Assassin Nickname
1 TCD rank Not Ranked
224 Weight 222
8-4-0 Record 5-5-0
Hoger MMA Gym Grapplers Lair Fight Team
Mike Justin Rich Picks

Mike: In all seriousness, Sam has been in the cage against former UFC champs Lyoto Machida and Rashard Evans. Patrick Miller is 5-5 with his greatest claim to fame being a fight against Ricco Rodriguez. Sam takes this one via submission faster than Master P yells “I thought I told ‘ya” in the crowd. I don’t really see this as a fair matchup experience-wise but hey, at least its for the kids in Haiti!

Prediction:  Sam takes this one via submission

Justin: Sam Hoger has fought many of the UFC elite (albeit before they were considered the top of the food chain) so I am not sure why he even took this fight.

Prediction: Sam 1st sub (pretty quickly)

Rich:  Miller likes to stand and has the heart and chin to trade with anyone. Hoger is on a roll and is one of the best fighters in Texas. Seeing that he has only been beat by the best of the best I don’t see where Patrick can win this fight.

Miller likes to stand and has the heart and chin to trade with anyone. Hoger is on a roll and is one of the best fighters in Texas. Seeing that he has only been beat by the best of the best I don’t see where Patrick can win this fight.
Hoger by Submission

Prediction: Hoger by Submission

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