Predictions: Legacy FC – July 31, 2010


Our experts are back to provide you with more insight on the upcoming LFC fights on July 31st.  After many request, we are now having them pick ALL of the fights.

Do you agree with them or do you think they are crazy?  Either way, let ’em know!  When you’re done reading all the pics, feel free to leave your own picks and comments below and let our experts and Houston know who you think is going to win and why.

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Meet the experts

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas ( Mike Calimbas is an MMA Writer, devotee, and fan that has been a part of the Mixed Martial Arts community for over fifteen years. He has served as a ring official & timekeeper for amateur MMA in numerous local events in Texas with the USACA/Lonestar Beatdown. Mike has also written and provided analysis on the topic of MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for various online publications, including FightLine, Ploomy, and Mike has been training BJJ, etc. on-and-off for the past six years. Off the mats, he spends most of his time with his family, including his baby son, Nicholas and girlfriend, Megan. For more on Mike, check him out on

JustinTrappJustin Trapp ( Justin Trapp is a photographer, designer and one of the premier marketing minds in the MMA industry. He manages the branding and marketing for mma companies, fighters and gyms. He has been a loyal fan of the sport since its inception and works to educate the biased. To see some of his work visit his website,

RichardBurmasterRichard Burmaster ( – (8-10-0) Richard Burmaster is co-owner of (and a writer for) He has been active in the MMA scene for close to 8 years and has trained in MMA for the last 5 years. His job keeps him on the go across the United States, and thus has afforded him the opportunity to train in many of the top gyms across the nation. From Army combatives to the Militech Fighting Systems, he has been able to try out many of the martial arts from coast to coast. When Richard is not working on his full time job, training in MMA or working on, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son.


Ike_Villanueva Ike Villanueva Name Artenas Young Artenas Young
Hurricane Nickname The Machine Gun
#2 TCD rank #6
205 Weight 205
3-3-0 Record 2-1-0
Rocky Long MMA Gym Hoger MMA
Mike Picks Justin, Rich

Mike: In this fight, we have one fighter in Young who is being promoted as one of the most explosive counter-punchers in the Houston MMA Scene. On the other side of the cage, he will face Ike Villanueva, a fighter known for packing some offensive power of his own in his hands. One would likely conclude that this bout will result in a knockout either way. I still think that’s the case but I also look for Artenas to try to catch Ike in the area he is likely at his weakest, on the ground. Will Artenas be able to take Villanueva down without getting caught? If he does, I look for him to grind out a win via multiple takedowns. But my gut also tells me that Ike’s power is not to be discounted. I think he just might catch MGY coming in.  Prediction: Ike Villanueva via knockout.

Justin: Dont Blink…..Ike is aggressive and has Knockout power but so does Artenas.  Machine Gun is a counter puncher so we will see if Ike goes right at him or tries to get Artenas to engage first.  Overall, i think Artenas has a better overall game so I think he will end up on top but with those small gloves on anything can happen anytime.  (Young TKO Rd2).  Prediction: Young, TKO Rd 2

Rich: This fight will be decided by Ike.  If he can stay back and avoid rushing in, he stands a very good chance of ending Artenas’s night quickly. However, if he rushes in, he risks running into a flurry of punches that will end his night. Do not be surprised to see Artenas look for the takedown to frustrate Ike and with his superior ground game. Artenas would be very smart to stay off the feet and nullify the power of Ike. Prediction: Artenas Young via TKO

Craig_Gardner Craig Gardner Name Jeff Rexroad Jeff Rexroad
Nickname The Executioner
NR (Pro Debut) TCD rank #7
170 Weight 170
0-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Westside MMA Gym Paradigm
Justin Picks Mike, Rich

Mike: These two up-and-coming fighters get a chance to settle the score definitively after their last bout ended in a draw. These guys are both such well-rounded, smart, fighters that this bout could end up being a battle of attrition until someone makes a critical mistake. I’m sure both fighters have prepared well and will be a load to handle in all aspects of the game. Truly hard to pick a winner.  Prediction: I think this could go either way but I’lll have to go with Jeff Rexroad via submission.

Justin: Jeff looked really good in his fight vs Danny Taylor but I really think Craig’s overall game is very solid so I’m going with Gardner in this one. give the decision to Gardner (UD).  Prediction: Gardner via Unanmous Decision

Rich: Craig is coming off of a disappointing loss in his last ammy fight and with the recent changes at Westside, he may not be in his usual state of mind for this fight. Jeff will have his hands full but should be able to pull this one out.  This will be the closest fight of the night and I will be happy to see either guy get their hand raised at the end. Prediction: Jeff Rexroad via Decision.

ComingSoon Daniel Pineda Name Rey Trujillo Rey Tujillo
The Pit Nickname The Truth
#4 (@145) TCD rank #1 (@155)
145 Weight 155
11-7-0 Record 7-1-0
4oz Fight Club Gym
Mike, Rich Picks Justin

Mike: They often say styles make fights. If that adage holds true, this bout between Trujillo and Pineda is certain to be an early favorite for fight of the night honors. Trujillo is relentless and often fights like a Tazmanian Devil with a motor that never stops. Pineda is known to have an extremely fast shot and enough power in his hands to keep it honest. I say the ex-factor in this fight goes to whoever is able to dictate where the action takes place. Will Trujillo be able to stop the barrage of takedown attempts that Pineda is bound to come in with? Ray normally overwhelms his opponents with his relentless pace on the feet but I think Pineda nullifies that with his wrestling and positioning.  Prediction: Daniel Pineda via unanimous decision.

Justin: Ray is a monster at 155 and now he is dropping to 145.  I think Daniel has his hands full unless the cut really affects Ray.  Ultimately I see Ray winning.  Prediction: Trujillo, KO Rd 2

Rich: This match-up has the potential to outshine the Rivera/ Trujillo fight that set the Houston scene on fire. Rey has the striking ability to overwhelm almost any opponent who stands in front of him. His iron chin was put on display against Rivera and no one has been able to beat him yet. Pineda is the type of fighter that causes nightmares for his opponents.  He’s almost impossible to hurt and hard to control, plus he can end anyone’s night very quickly. This fight will be a battle of who can impose their will. If Daniel can get the fight to the ground he has a great chance of being the first person to beat Rey. On the flip side if Rey can keep the fight standing, he has the ability to overwhelm Daniel with a barrage of strikes unlike anyone else can bring. This fight was the hardest for me to pick out of all of the fights. I am a fan of the underdog and I think many believe Daniel to be the underdog here. If Daniel can’t stop Rey, then I’m not sure if anyone around will be able to. Prediction: Daniel Pineda via TKO

ComingSoon Brian Melancon Name Todd Moore ComingSoon
Nickname The Maniac
#3 TCD rank NR (Houston Debut)
155 Weight 155
3-1-0 Record 11-3-0
Paradigm Gym Gracie Barra The Woodlands
Picks Mike, Justin, Rich

Mike: Todd Moore certainly walks into this fight as the definitive favorite due to his lengthy 11-3 record over stiff competition internationally. Sporting a BJJ brown belt in addition to a solid striking arsenal, Moore would be a lot to handle in every aspect of the fight game. At 3-1 and coming off a loss against Adam Schindler at Bellator, Melancon is looking to right the ship and pick up this momentum-shifting win against his much more experienced adversary. I see Brian as an extremely hard-workiing grinder with strong wrestling and ground and pound. He’ll make a fight out of this one and won’t be finished but I just don’t see him controlling where this fight takes place enough to get the victory..  Prediction: Todd Moore via unanimous decision.

Justin: I have seen Brian in the gym training with the Metro guys and he looked very good, but I really think Todd’s style of breaking guys down will eventually get the best of Brian.  Prediction: Moore via TKO, Rd 3

Rich: This will be the biggest test in the young career of Melancon.  Todd Moore is a handful for anyone at 155lbs and with his experience he rarely seems rattled. Big question here will be if Todd can handle the punching power of what may be his strongest opponent to date. Brian will have a long successful career but if he cannot land the big shot early, I think Todd will drag him into deep waters where it will be hard for him to swim with Moore.  Prediction: Todd Moore via TKO

Quick Picks

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