Predictions: Puro Combate – August 4, 2010


Our experts are back to provide you with more insight on the upcoming Puro Combate card on August 4th.  They had a good showing overall for their Legacy picks, as each posted a winning record.  Rich went 7-3 and Mike and Justin both went 6-4.

Do you agree with them or do you think they are crazy?  Either way, let ’em know!  When you’re done reading all the pics, feel free to leave your own picks and comments below and let our experts and Houston know who you think is going to win and why.

Meet the experts

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas ( Mike Calimbas is an MMA Writer, devotee, and fan that has been a part of the Mixed Martial Arts community for over fifteen years. He has served as a ring official & timekeeper for amateur MMA in numerous local events in Texas with the USACA/Lonestar Beatdown. Mike has also written and provided analysis on the topic of MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for various online publications, including FightLine, Ploomy, and Mike has been training BJJ, etc. on-and-off for the past six years. Off the mats, he spends most of his time with his family, including his baby son, Nicholas and girlfriend, Megan. For more on Mike, check him out on

JustinTrappJustin Trapp ( Justin Trapp is a photographer, designer and one of the premier marketing minds in the MMA industry. He manages the branding and marketing for mma companies, fighters and gyms. He has been a loyal fan of the sport since its inception and works to educate the biased. To see some of his work visit his website,

RichardBurmasterRichard Burmaster ( – (15-13-0) Richard Burmaster is co-owner of (and a writer for) He has been active in the MMA scene for close to 8 years and has trained in MMA for the last 5 years. His job keeps him on the go across the United States, and thus has afforded him the opportunity to train in many of the top gyms across the nation. From Army combatives to the Militech Fighting Systems, he has been able to try out many of the martial arts from coast to coast. When Richard is not working on his full time job, training in MMA or working on, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son.


ComingSoon Roberto Vasquez Name Jason David Frank JasonFrank
Nickname Fearless
N/R TCD rank N/R (Pro Debut)
205 Weight 205
Record 0-0-0

Mike: Jason David Frank should win his pro debut in short order. Looking at this match-up, it clear to see that JDF is the more athletic of the two, Although Frank has never been to the second round after a stellar 4-0 amateur career, moving into deeper waters shouldn’t be too much of a problem if that becomes necessary. Still, I say this one ends at some point in the first, with a likely TKO or submission from the ground.  Prediction: Jason Frank via TKO or Submission from the ground.

Justin: Plain and simple if Jason can keep this fight standing and not get caught (which he seems to do often) then I give him the easy win.  Prediction: Winner JDF via right head kick.

Rich: JDF will be the faster more technical striker here and should be able to take this fight to Vasquez on the feet. Vasquez is a boxer who may have trouble adjusting to the different angles a striker like JDF can attack from. This fight should end rather quickly with JDF getting the KO in round one. Prediction: Jason Frank via KO in Round 1.

ComingSoon Taylor Moses Name Jonathan Mack Jonathan_Mack
Nickname Mack Truck
NR TCD rank NR
185 Weight Hvy
Record 0-1-0
Gym Rocky Long MMA

Mike: Admittedly, I do not know too much about Taylor Moses. Jonathan Mack, on the other hand, I have seen him fight and has some heavy hands. To me, his issue is that he finds his opponents’ chin on so many occasions but has thus far failed to capitalize and finish the fight when the opportunity is there. I saw that in his fight against Josh Foster at WGC and also in his previous fight, which if I’m not mistaken was against JDF. In this one against Moses, he’s going to have to correct that to finish and win. I think Mack has got that potential but until he realizes it, I’m going to have to pick the unknown Taylor Moses for the victory, via submission..  Prediction: Moses via submission.

Justin: I couldn’t find info on Moses so I will have to go off what I know of Mack.  Mack hits like a truck but his ground game is suspect and his cardio needs help.  If Moses can avoid the early bombs he should be able to finish with a TKO stoppage..  Prediction: Moses via TKO

Rich: Mack hits very hard and was doing a good job in his last fight until his cardio completely ran out forcing him to not answer the bell for the third round. Moses is making his debut at 185 and may have a hard time after the weight cut. Look for Mack to connect early and if his cardio is where it should he should end this fight with a KO in the second round. Prediction: Jonathan Mack via KO in Round 2.

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