Lubbock or Leave it: “The Greek” brings home the “W”

Written By: Ryan Brown

Villefort (left) punished Horwich (right) with a knee to the body. Picture Courtesy: Keith Mills/

(Lubbok, TX) – Danillo Villefort reigned supreme with last nights victory over Matt Horwich at Shark Fights 14 at the Fair Park Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas . Crisp and accurate striking was the weapon of choice in Villefort’s arsenal to win the judges favor of 30-27 across the board. The first round would set precedence for the entire bout. With an onslaught of jab, cross, and kick combos that landed with pin-point accuracy, Villefort would also incorporate his Judo discipline in taking down Horwich several times. This win progresses Villefort to a 4 fight win streak.

The co-main event that was a very last minute, but well put together replacement was Tara LaRosa vs. Carina Damm. Top-ranked LaRosa felt Damm’s fury in the first round by moving forward and connecting with several strikes. Damm clinched with LaRosa and delivered a dose of punishment before taking her to the ground. Damm yields her dominant position in an armbar attempt which gives LaRosa the opportunity to reverse and repay Damm with classic GNP. Going into the second round, LaRosa demonstrates her appetite for victory with a straight left to Damm’s face. As these two competitors find themselves on the canvas, a chess match ensues for leg-locks. LaRosa wins this match by locking her heel hook causing Damm to tapout 28 seconds into the second round. With an impressive 22 international matches and only 2 losses, this win solidifies LaRosa’s rank as a top female mixed martial arts fighter.

Alex Cisne

Houston’s Alex Cisne, fought a serious battle against Eric “Big Head” Davila. Upon Davila’s entrance he was clearly the hometown favorite being a native of Lubbock, TX. Although very back and forth, Cisne clearly won round one by being more active and pushing the pace. Round two would offer more as Cisne throws a side kick and pulls into the clinch. The two would work for dominant positions as Davila would draw blood from the nose of Cisne with a reinforced knee and follow with a wildly thrown overhand right. Both gassed, and Cisne clearly rocked, the fight would be finished early in the third round with a defenseless right from Davila and a flurry of wild punches to steal the victory via TKO.

Mike Bronzoulis

The other Houston product, Mike “The Greek” Bronzoulis, would even the city’s record at Shark Fights 14 as he would earn a unanimous decision victory over Lucas Lopes. At the beginning of round 1 Mike B made his mark in the cage by offsetting Lopes with a head kick. Mike let Lopes back up, but soon after Lopes took Mike down and then reciprocated by letting him back up. Lopes pushed forward with flurries and attempts to take Mike down and landed short of a favorable position. In round two Lopes gassed and Mike would push the pace the entire round. Round three was equally mediocre as both fighters gassed and were left running only on their spirit as fighters. Lopes attempted a flurry followed by a take-down that Bronzoulis didn’t allow. The two warriors battled it out and give one last effort in the fight, like exhausted tri-athletes sprinting for the finish line. A victorious Mike B stated, “He’s a tough guy, by far one of the toughest guys I’ve fought.”

Shark Fights, as cheesy as the name is, certainly makes up for it by putting on some of the best fights in Texas with some of the best fighters in the industry. There is only one thing to expect from Shark Fight Promotions, LLC and that is they will deliver what they promise: “…a presentation…of premier professional mixed martial arts fighting competitions…”


Broadcasted Bouts:
Danillo Villefort def. Matt Horwich via UD (30-27) x 3
Tara LaRosa def. Carina Damm via Heal Hook :28 Round 2
Mike Bronzoulis def. Lucas Lopez via UD (29-28) x 3
Eric Davila def. Alex Cisne via TKO 1:03 Round 3
Gabe Vasquez def. Layne Hernandez via Guillotine Choke 1:29 Round 3
Joseph Sandoval def. Sean Shakour via UD (29-28) x 3

Off-Air Bouts:
Quaint Kempf def. Donnie Frye via RNC 2:48 Round 1
Derek Cansino def. Larry Garcia via UD
Ryan Benoit def. Matt Espinoza via TKO 1:14 Round 2
Matt Dodgen def. Gino Davila via UD
Mark Martinez def. Jonathan Valencia via FNC :23 Round 1
Cesar Rodriguez Jr. def. Tommy Gomez via Arm Bar :34 Round 1
Matt Hobar def. Jeremy Gauna via RNC 2:16 Round 1

About the Author
Ryan Brown has been training and covering the sport of MMA since 2001. In 2002, he and a friend set up the first UFC and K-1 “watch parties” in Humble by paying the bar’s PPV fees. Having trained and covered the sport in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Austin, he has had an opportunity to see the sport grow tremendously in Texas. After moving back to Houston, a chance encounter with TapouT Magazine & MMA Worldwide’s Adam Villarreal encouraged him to re-establish himself in the industry. As a devout fan, he stills brings an unbiased perspective. Follow him on Twitter | Facebook