Legacy FC 8 Houston MMA “Expert” Picks

Heading into Legacy FC 8 on Friday September 16, 2011 we’ve gathered some of the top media experts in Houston MMA to provide you with their thought on the action and who they thing will win or lose. Joining our panel this time is Justin Trapp (FighterPortraits.com), Lance Edwards (TheCageDoor.net), Mike Calimbas (TXMMA.com), Eric Hofstetter (TheCageDoor.net), AJ Hoffman (TheCageDoor.net), Barry Laminack (TheCageDoor.net) and Rich Burmaster (Radio Personality).

For every correct pick they get +5, for every correct round picked they get +2 and for every method they pick right they get +3. If they pick the correct award winner they get +5 for each. If this sound familiar it’s because we are using the same scoring system for our Fans Pick’em Contest. You can play along and when the fights are over, we’ll compare your score to our experts! Plus, if you score the highest, you get to be on our NEXT experts panel!

Do you agree with them or do you think they are crazy? Either way, let ’em know! When you’re done reading all the pics, feel free to leave your comments below and let our experts and Houston know who you think is going to win and why.

If you can’t make it out to the Arena Theater and you won’t be near a TV you can follow along with our live round by round play by play HERE.


William Bush vs Joshua Foster

William Bush William Bush Name Joshua Foster Joshua Foster
Bubba Nickname
6’0″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 205lbs
#2 Rank #6
2-1-0 Record 4-2-0
Brazos Valley MMA Gym No Gym on File
AJ, Barry, Justin, Rich VS Eric, Lance, Mike
Who When How Why?
AJ Hoffman Bush Rd 2 TKO Bush is just too strong and is really rounding out his game.
Barry Laminack Bush Rd 3 TKO Both of these guys want it on the ground, where both of them are very skilled. The difference in this fight is strenght, and I think Bush has the adavantage there.
Eric Hostetter Foster Rd 2 TKO I can still hear Josh Foster cracking Terrance Ferguson’s skull in my head. Probably one of the most bone chilling things I’ve ever heard, and there is no reason why that can not happen again in this match.
Justin Trapp Bush Rd 2 TKO William???? I prefer Bubba, its a better marketing angle.I think Bubba eventually gets this to the ground and gets the TKO.
Lance Edwards Foster Goes the Distance Decision um…gut instinct
Mike Calimbas Foster Rd 3 TKO It pains me to pick against Bubba because I think he’s such a tough prospect and has all the physical tools but Foster’s had an impressive streak in his past few bouts. He’s experienced and more importantly, has hurting power in his hands. I think he may just gut it out in the third.
Rich Burmaster Bush Rd 1 TKO Foster is extremely tough but will be fighting off of his back for the majority of this fight.Bush has yet to fail to take an opponent down and I don’t see him having trouble putting Foster on his back

Larry Crowe vs Ike Villanueva

Larry Crowe Larry Crowe Name Ike Villanueva Ike Villanueva
Nickname Hurricane
5’11″ / 240lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 205lbs
#4 Rank #1
4-1-0 Record 8-4-0
Silverback Fight Club Gym
Eric, Rich VS AJ, Barry, Justin, Lance, Mike
Who When How Why?
AJ Hoffman Villanueva Rd 1 TKO Too much in the stand-up game and good enough at avoiding takedowns to keep it in his world.
Barry Laminack Villanueva Goes the Distance Decision Larry made me look foolish last time I picked against him…that could happen again here, he’s that good. I think Ike will have the advantage on the feet and Larry will look to get this one to the ground, but that is easier said than done against Ike, who has great takedown defense.
Eric Hostetter Crowe Rd 2 TKO TaeKwon Crowe seems to be handling the cut to 185 lbs very well, and displayed it very well in his last Legacy match against Jermaine Anugwom. Look for that win streak to hit 4 straight in this one.
Justin Trapp Villanueva Rd 2 TKO Man I had to flip a coin on this one.  I have only seen Crowe fight once and it was quick.  Ike has been on the scene as a tough heavy handed fighter.  I am really excited to see both of them at 185 tonight.
Lance Edwards Villanueva Rd 1 TKO Crowes getting better and better, but is he there at the point to face the Hurricane…Im not sure he is yet
Mike Calimbas Villanueva Rd 2 KO This one’s not going to the cards either way and either guy could finish the fight with one or a few well-timed shots but I’ve got to go with Ike by virtue of his experience lately.
Rich Burmaster Crowe Goes the Distance Decision Two of the toughest guys in Houston MMA and there will be no shortage of power shots thrown.Ike has been a slow starter and Crowe likes to come right at his opponents from the opening bell. Very tough fight to call.

John Malbrough vs Jeff Rexroad

John Malbrough John Malbrough Name Jeff Rexroad Jeff Rexroad
The Maniac Nickname
6’1″ / 193lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 170lbs
#6 Rank #7
2-2-0 Record 3-1-0
Kingwood MMA Gym Paradigm Training Center

VS All
Who When How Why?
AJ Hoffman Rexroad Goes the Distance Decision Rexroad just has the hot hand right now. One of the toughest fights on the card to call.
Barry Laminack Rexroad Goes the Distance Decision This is the closest fight on the card. I would not be surprised if either guy wins. My pick came down to who has the hotter hand, and right now that’s Rexroad.
Eric Hostetter Rexroad Goes the Distance Split Decision Both men are going to be tested in this
Justin Trapp Rexroad Goes the Distance Decision Both of these guys are fan favorites, both are really tough, both put pressure on their opponents.  I think Rexroad edges out a decision.
Lance Edwards Rexroad Rd 2 TKO Rexroad is one of the most technical fighters at his weight, Marlboroughs no slouch…Im not sure that Marlborough is quite ready for the challenge Rexroad poses, I give the nod to Rexroad, but either way think this will be a good fight
Mike Calimbas Rexroad Rd 2 Submission John’s a game fighter always but Jeff is on an impressive streak and peaking right now, He’s too dangerous in too many places to let this one get past him.
Rich Burmaster Rexroad Goes the Distance Split Decision This may be the toughest fight to call on the card. I have went back and forth a few times on this pick

Steve Garcia vs Steven Peterson

Steve Garcia Steve Garcia Name Steven Peterson Steve Garcia
5’6″ / 135lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 147lbs
#3 Rank #3
8-4-0 Record 5-1-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym No Gym on File
Barry, Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich VS AJ, Eric
Who When How Why?
AJ Hoffman Peterson Goes the Distance Decision I honestly have no idea who will win this fight. Both guys are badasses. I flipped a coin.
Barry Laminack Garcia Rd 1 TKO Garcia is a banger, but don’t sleep on Peterson. He’s the XKO champat 135 for a reason. I the end, this comes down to experience, toughness and attitidue, and I think Garcia has the edge in all three.
Eric Hostetter Peterson Rd 1 Submission
Justin Trapp Garcia Rd 2 KO Can we say “Good night Irene!”
Lance Edwards Garcia Rd 2 TKO Should be awesome…we havent seen Garcia for  a while, I beleive because no one wants to fight him, and then Huerta was injured…should be awesome though
Mike Calimbas Garcia Rd 2 TKO Few people in Houston know who Steven Peterson is but they’ll probably enjoy seeing him fight. This guy’s wild and unpredictable. Steve on the other hand… You know exactly what he’s going to do and that’ll probably net him the TKO.
Rich Burmaster Garcia Rd 1 TKO Steve Garcia is a furious ball of action when the bell rings and he wastes no time testing his opponents toughness with a steady barrage of strikes.

Andrew Craig vs Eric Schambari

Andrew Craig Andrew Craig Name Eric Schambari Erik Martinez
Smiles Nickname
6’1″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 185lbs
#1 Rank Not Ranked
5-0-0 Record 13-3-0
Team Tooke Gym No Gym on File
AJ, Barry, Eric, Justin, Rich VS Lance, Mike
Who When How Why?
AJ Hoffman Craig Goes the Distance Decision Andrew is more well rounded, despite Eric being really great in one area.
Barry Laminack Craig Goes the Distance Decision I think Craig is on the way to the UFC, he’s that good. This will be his biggest test to date. After training with Travis Tooke and beating Rodrigo Pinhero, Schambari won’t show Craig anything he hasn’t already seen on the ground. Couple that with Craig having the advantage on the feet and superior cardio, I see Craig winning a grinder.
Eric Hostetter Craig Rd 3 TKO Andrew Craig is probably one of the most complete fighters I have seen in Houston. The eyes of Texas are upon him.
Justin Trapp Craig Rd 3 Submission Its the out-of-towner vs hometown boy.  Craig is one of the best all around fighters in Houston and I believe Schambari will have his hands full.
Lance Edwards Schambari Rd 2 TKO Craig is an awesome fighter, is he ready to taker on a fighter like Schambari though? We’ll find out, on record basis I go for Schambari, a win will catapult Craigs career.
Mike Calimbas Schambari Goes the Distance Decision I’m definitely pulling for Andrew Craig. If he wins this fight, it could definitely mean taking the next step in his career. With that being said, Schambari is more experienced on the top level and that’s got to give him the advantage.
Rich Burmaster Craig Rd 2 Submission Eric is a very experienced fighter and will be a huge test for Craig. Andrew will look to show again why he is one of the top 185lber’s in the state and should be considered one of the top prospects outside of the UFC

Pete Spratt vs Jorge “Macaco” Patino

Pete Spratt Name Jorge Patino
Nickname Macaco
5’9″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank
22-19-0 Record 19-13-1
No Gym on File Gym Gold Team Houston
Eric, Lance, Mike VS AJ, Barry, Justin, Rich
Who When How Why?
AJ Hoffman Patino Rd 2 Submission I can think of one way for Spratt to beat Macaco, and about 30 ways for Macaco to beat Spratt. That said, I can’t make an unbiased pick here.
Barry Laminack Patino Rd 3 Submission I picked against Spratt last time and he made me eat my words, but that was against a fellow striker. I give Macaco the advantage here because he’s got the chin to weather the storm and get this to the ground. In the end, I see this fight being VERY close and also being a grinder. I think Macaco capitalizes on a mistake late and gets the submission.
Eric Hostetter Spratt Rd 4 TKO
Justin Trapp Patino Rd 3 Submission Its hard to pick against Spratt after that nasty KO at Legacy 7 but I think Jiu Jitsu will be the factor in this fight, IF it goes to the ground.
Lance Edwards Spratt Rd 1 TKO Clash of the titans… striker vs grappler epic match… actrually Macaco is a decent enough as a striker and Spratt has a fair few subs… I have to go with Spratt but could easily be proved wrong
Mike Calimbas Spratt Goes the Distance Decision Man, five rounds is a long time. I already picked this as a decision win for Spratt in my own column and I won’t go back now. These guys are both seasoned but “The Secret Weapon” may have the edge on the feet and enough seasoning to keep this one where he’s strongest.
Rich Burmaster Patino Rd 2 Submission Spratt is a crazy good striker and has a ton of experience. Jorge has no problems standing with anyone but I would not recommend that against Spratt. This fight will come down to if Pete can keep it standing or if Jorge can get it to the ground.

Quick Picks

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Gutierrez Morono Morono Morono Gutierrez Morono Gutierrez
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Ricardo Talavera
Lewis Talavera Lewis Talavera Lewis Talavera Talavera

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