Legacy FC Jan 29 Pick Results: Media vs Fans

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With the January Legacy card now behind us, let’s see how the fans and media did with their picks.  Our media panel, made up of local Houston MMA media folk, made their picks and gave you some reasons why. So, how did they do? Well let’s break it down.

Below is a chart showing how each media member fared.  For fun, we’ve added in the combined fan picks from ALL the submissions we received. We did this to see how the fans as a whole did versus our media experts.

Here’s a breakdown:

Name Total Points Record
AJ Hoffman (Houston MMA Examiner) 40 5-3
Lance Edwards (TheCageDoor.net) 30 6-2
Justin Trapp (FighterPortraits.com) 30 4-4
Mike Calimbas (TXMMA.com) 25 5-3
Rich Burmaster (TheCageDoor.net) 25 5-3
THE FANS 46 6-1-1

Fans 1, Media 0

Now lets take a look at how the fans Picked vs how the media picked.

John Malbrough VS Patrick Greene
John Malbrough Patrick  Greene
AJ – Lance – Mike – Rich MEDIA PICKS Justin
Jordan Rivas VS Justin Murray
Jordan Rivas Justin Murray
Justin – Mike MEDIA PICKS AJ – Lance – Rich
Angel Huerta VS Andy Sandoval
Angel Huerta Andy Sandoval
AJ-Justin – Lance – Mike – Rich MEDIA PICKS
Rey Trujillo VS Justin Reiswerg
Rey Trujillo Justin Reiswerg
AJ – Justin – Lance – Mike – Rich MEDIA PICKS
Ricardo Talavera VS Jeff Rexroad
Ricardo Talavera Jeff Rexroad
Justin – Lance – Mike MEDIA PICKS AJ – Rich
Brian Melancon VS Derrick Krantz
Brian Melancon Derrick Krantz
AJ – Justin – Lance – Mike MEDIA PICKS Rich
Daniel Pineda VS Levi Forrest
Daniel Pineda Levi Forrest
Lance – Rich MEDIA PICKS AJ – Justin – Mike
Mike Bronzoulis VS Joe Christopher
Mike Bronzoulis Joe Christopher
AJ – Justin – Lance – Mike – Rich MEDIA PICKS

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the FAN PICKS RESULTS!

Congratulations to JermainF on winning the whole darn thing!

Here is how the top 25 finished!

Place Name Points
1 JermaineF 52
2 colin wright 47
dnl7447 47
4 Celtictiger 42
Hector Silva 42
JR 42
7 Eric G 40
Mike Jackson 40
ringsidemike 40
Ratichek 40
Jaime_4oz 40
12 A. Croon 37
American Rebel 37
Frankie S. 37
Ray 37
Justin Browning 37
Michael Kuroski 37
Moneymike 37
19 Max 35
benny serrano 35
Tiernan estridge 35
gdo 35
Joshua Mtz 35
Mauricio Torres 35
conor h 35

Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry! We’ll do this again for sure!

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