Legacy FC – In Depth: Villanueva vs Young


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

This fight has KO of the night written all over it. Both fighters have shown a flair for the dramatic with highlight reel KO’s over several opponents and they also have a general dislike for each other. Each fighter is riding a two fight win streak and both look to continue their winning ways.

Ike_Villanueva Ike Villanueva Name Artenas Young Artenas Young
Hurricane Nickname Machine Gun
6’3″ Height 6’1″
205 Weight 205
3-3 Record 2-1
Rocky Long MMA Gym Hoger MMA
Cody Watson (W – U. Dec.)

Josh Luna (W – KO)

Cody Donovan (L – Sub)

Last Three Fights Lex Pappas(W – U. Dec)

James Hall (W – TKO)

Brian Lightfoot (L S. Dec.)

check_advantage POWER:

Ike may be the hardest hitting 205lber in the city and has shown to be able to end the fight with either hand. Artenas has shown good pop in both hands and is able to generate power when backing up similar to Chuck Liddell.


Ike has shown good speed for a 205lber but does not seem to be very agile.  Artenas has the speed of a lightweight and is very good at creating angles for counter attacks.



Neither fighter has shown much in the wrestling department as both like to stand and trade.



Ike has shown decent clinch skills with the ability to remove himself from the clinch effectively. Artenas has not had to use his clinch game at the pro level but he should good use of the clinch against the cage in some of his amateur fights.


Ike does not hide the fact that he does not care for the ground game. Artenas is a BJJ blue belt and has won a few tournaments including Naga.


Ike has only had two fights that went past the first round. His last fight was a three rounder that Ike had no problem with. Artenas has shown good conditioning in all of his fights and rarely seems to slow down.



Artenas Young via TKO



These two fighters use exact opposite game plans. Ike likes to hunt down his opponents and punish them with big body shots to set up his big KO shots, while Artenas like to wait like a snake in the grass for his opportunity to strike with fast lethal shots. When gameplans like these collide fireworks usually follow.

The fight will be decided by Ike, if Ike can stay back and avoid rushing in he stands a very good chance of ending Artenas’s night quickly. If Ike rushes in he risks running into a flurry of punches that will end his night.

Do not be surprised to see Artenas look for the takedown to frustrate Ike and with his superior ground game. Artenas would be very smart to stay off the feet and nullify the power of Ike.