Legacy FC – In Depth: Melancon vs Moore


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

Brian Melancon and Todd Moore will meet up in one of the most anticipated lightweight matches ever in Houston MMA. Todd has fought on some of the biggest stages across the globe and has even matched up with Shinya Aoki one of the top lightweights in the world. Brian is a huge 155lber with power very few can match. Can Brian’s power overcome Todd’s experience? Lets break it down.

ComingSoon Brian Melancon Name Todd Moore ComingSoon
Nickname The Maniac
5’8″ Height 5’9″
155 Weight 155
3-1-0 Record 12-3-0
Paradigm Gym Gracie Barra The Woodlands
Adam Schindler (L – Dec.)

Jarret Jones (W – TKO)

Kenneth Battle (W – Sub (punches))

Last Three Fights Derrick Krants(W – TKO)

Rocky Johnson (W – Dec.)

Shinya Aoki (L – Sub.)

check_advantage POWER:

Todd has good power but relies more on his technique than just power. Brian maybe the strongest 155lber in Houston and very few anywhere have his power in his weight class.


Todd has above average speed and seems to be just as fast in the later rounds as he is in the first. Brian is not a slow 155lber by any means but he will be a step behind the speed of Moore.



Brian has worked his wrestling with the guys at Paradigm even before coming there full time and is no slouch in that department.  Todd may be the better technical wrestler but he may have a hard time with the strength of Brian



Todd is great in the clinch and finds ways to punish his opponents continuously from this position.  Brians great strength makes it hard for many to clinch with him, while not as technical here as Todd he will not get pushed around.


Todd is a brown belt under Chad Robichaux and likes to get into top position and land bombs from above. Brian is lethal when in top position but may not be as effective as Moore can be from his back.


Brian has only been to decision once and he had a hard time making the weight limit for that fight. Moore has been to decision seven times and rarely seems winded in the fight. Moore’s pace is hard for many to keep up with and his cardio allows him to push others to the brink.



Todd Moore via TKO



This will be the biggest test in the young career of Melancon.  Todd Moore is a handful for anyone at 155lbs and with his experience he rarely seems rattled. Big question here will be if Todd can handle the punching power of what may be his strongest opponent to date. Brian will have a long successful career but if he cannot land the big shot early, I think Todd will drag him into deep waters where it will be hard for him to swim with Moore.