Legacy FC – In Depth: Pineda vs Trujillo


Preview by: Richard Burmaster

On any other card this fight would be the main event. Two of the best fighters in Houston matching up for the Legacy 145 title on the most anticipated fight card in recent memory. Will Trujillo’s striking be able to overwhelm the wrestling of Pineda? Let’s break it down.

ComingSoonTCD Rank #4 @145

Daniel Pineda Name Rey Trujillo

Rey TujilloRanked #1 @ 155

The Pit Nickname The Truth
5’7″ Height 5’9″
145 Weight 155
11-7-0 Record 7-1
4oz Fight Club Gym
Chas Skelly (L – Sub.)

James King (W – TKO)

Douglas Frey (W – Sub)

Last Three Fights Jesus Rivera (W – U. Dec)

Lane Yarbrough (W – TKO)

Shah Bobonis (W- S. Dec.)


Rey should be the bigger fighter in this fight and has shown big punching power in all of his fights. Daniel has big pop on the ground and might have a physical power edge.


No one starts a fight quite like Trujillo. His blazing speed and unorthodox striking style makes his speed even more of a problem for his opponents. Pineda has shown above average speed but might be a step behind Rey in this department.



Rey trains out of one of the best wrestling schools in the state in Paradigm but he will have a hard time stopping the take-downs of Pineda. Pineda was ranked as one of the top wrestlers in Texas during his senior year and has shown the ability to take the fight to the ground when he wants to.


Rey showed great clinch work against Rivera, he was able to land a lot of punishing blows from inside the clinch. Pineda uses the clinch game to wear down his opponents and likes to dirty box against the cage.

check_advantage GROUND:

We have not seen much of Rey on the ground as he prefers to strike with his opponents. Daniel loves to ground and pound and with his wrestling base he is able to maintain top position and land big shots.


No one pushes the pace like Trujillo.  He is constantly pushing forward looking to end the fight. Daniel has only been to the third round once in his career.



Daniel Pineda via TKO


This match-up has the potential to outshine the Rivera/ Trujillo fight that set the Houston scene on fire. Rey has the striking ability to overwhelm almost any opponent who stands in front of him. His iron chin was put on display against Rivera and no one has been able to beat him yet.

Pineda is the type of fighter that causes nightmares for his opponents.  He’s almost impossible to hurt and hard to control, plus he can end anyone’s night very quickly.

This fight will be a battle of who can impose their will. If Daniel can get the fight to the ground he has a great chance of being the first person to beat Rey. On the flip side if Rey can keep the fight standing, he has the ability to overwhelm Daniel with a barrage of strikes unlike anyone else can bring.

This fight was the hardest for me to pick out of all of the fights. I am a fan of the underdog and I think many believe Daniel to be the underdog here. If Daniel can’t stop Rey, then I’m not sure if anyone around will be able to.