Legacy FC 9: Fan Picks Contest

Simply fill out the form below and submit it. When the fights are over, we’ll add up the scores and the highest point total will win a brand spanking new HOU MMA Shirt (click here to see what they look like)! These shirts are only available via pre-order, but we have some left over so we are giving one away!

The rules are simple:


Points are awarded as follows –

  • +5 points for picking the correct winner (Who)
  • +3 points for picking the correct method of victory (How)
  • +2 points for picking the correct round (When)
  • +5 points for each quick pick winner
  • +5 points for picking Fight, KO and Sub of the night (each)

You MUST pick the correct winner (Who) to get credit for a correct method (how) and round (when)
Draw or no contest = no points
Doctor stoppage is a TKO
Corner stoppage is a verbal submission

Deadline for Entry is 6pm CST Friday December 16, 2011

Once you submit your entry, scroll back up here to see the confirmation message.

Note: Shirt pirzes limited to sizes and colors in stock.

That’s it! Have fun and good luck!