Legacy FC 8 Pick Results: Fans vs Media

Legacy FC 8 has come and gone, so now let’s see how the fans and media did with their picks.  Our media panel, made up of local Houston MMA media folk, made their picks and gave you some reasons why. So, how did they do? Well let’s break it down.

Below is a chart showing how each media member fared.  For fun, we’ve added in the combined fan picks from ALL the submissions we received. We did this to see how the fans as a whole did versus our media experts.

Here’s a breakdown:

Name Total Points Record
AJ Hoffman (TheCageDoor.net) 50 9-2
Eric Hofstetter (TheCageDoor.net) 47 8-3
Barry Laminack (TheCageDoor.net) 45 8-3
Justin Trapp (FighterPortraits.com)
40 8-3
Rich Burmaster (B3 Sports/Radio Personality) 40 8-3
Lance Edwards (TheCageDoor.net) 35 5-6
Mike Calimbas (TXMMA.com) 27 5-6
THE FANS 35 6-5

Now lets take a look at how the fans Picked vs how the media picked.

Justin Reiswerg  VS Ken Battle
Justin Reiswerg Ken Battle
Lee King VS Mark Garcia
Lee King Mark Garcia
AJ-Barry-JustinLance-Mike-Rich MEDIA PICKS Eric
Cody Williams VS Nate Garza
Cody Williams Nate Garza
Evert Gutierrez VS Alex Morono
Evert Gutierrez Alex Morono
AJ-Lance-Rich MEDIA PICKS Barry-Eric-JustinMike
Bubba Bush VS Josh Foster
Bubba Bush Josh Foster
AJ-Barry-Justin-Rich MEDIA PICKS Eric-Lance-Mike
Ricardo Talavera VS Rashon Lewis
Ricardo Talavera Rashon Lewis
Barry-Justin-MikeRich MEDIA PICKS  AJ-Eric-Lance
Ike Villanueva VS Larry Crowe
AJ-Barry-JustinLance-Mike MEDIA PICKS  Eric-Rich
Jeff Rexroad VS John Malbrough
Steve Garcia VS Steven Petereson
Steve Garcia
Barry-Justin-LanceMike-Rich MEDIA PICKS  AJ-Eric
Andrew Craig VS Eric Schambari


Pete Spratt VS Macaco
Pete Spratt Macaco
Eric-Lance-Mike MEDIA PICKS AJ-Barry-Justin Rich

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the FAN PICKS RESULTS!

Congratulations to all FOUR of our 1st place winners. That’s right, for the first time since we’ve been doing this we have a 4 way tie for first. That means we go to win/loss record to break the tie, thus giving SBA the win!

Here is how the top 25 finished!

Place Name Points
1 SBA (9-2) 50
2 Nate (8-3) 50
Samantha (8-3) 50
4 The Bison (7-4) 50
5 ZScalf 47
6 Amanda Zmak 45
Beanie Campbell 45
Blain McDaniel 45
Corey Liberty 45
Hector Silva 45
Jace P. 45
JermaineF 45
Jose Llanas 45
Lester B 45
Ratichek 45
The Black Beast 45
17 Luda 43
18 Brett 42
Claudia 42
Cody Phillips 42
Ragan McDaniel 42
22 A. Croon 40
Frank S. 40
Jesus Rivera 40
Marcia 40
Max Akers 40
Tyler Flores 40

Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry! We’ll do this again for sure!