Expert Predictions: Legacy Amateur Series – February 18, 2011

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Here is some insight into the upcoming Legacy Amateur fights on February 18th at the House of Blues. Find out what some of our experts think.

Back again are Justin Trapp (, Mike Calimbas (, Rich Burmaster (“The Mount” on 1560 The Game) and Lance Edwards (

Do you agree with them or do you think they are crazy? Either way, let ’em know!  When you’re done reading all the pics, feel free to leave your own picks and comments below and let our experts and Houston know who you think is going to win and why.


Joe Trevino vs Jacob Silva

Joe Trevino Name Jacob Silva
125lbs Weight 125lbs
#1 Rank Not Ranked
2-1-0 Record 0-0-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym Silverback MMA
Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich PICKS

Justin: This fight should be not stop action.  Hard fight to predict but I think I have to go with my gut and say Trevino pulls out the W..

Prediction: Trevino

Lance: I haven’t seen Silva fight, but Trevino is a whirlwind and very tough. I believe this is Silva’s first fight. Trevino lost his last outing at Diamond jack’s in Louisiana, but I know he’ll be ready. Not knowing enough about Silva, and having been impressed with Trevino at his last legacy appearance, I have to go with Trevino.

Prediction: Trevino 1st round TKO

Mike: Joe Trevino is a blue chip prospect. His recent loss in Louisiana was to another big-time 5-0 guy from out there. Silva may be tough but Trevino should right the course in this fight.

Prediction: Trevino

Rich: Joe Trevino is a beast flat out. He has been on a tear lately and now he has a second shot at that title belt he has longed for. Silva will no doubt be ready to scrap and will look to turn this fight into a brawl.

Prediction: Trevino by TKO round 1

Corey Allmand vs Evert Gutierrez

Corey Allmand Name Evert Gutierrez
170lbs Weight 170lbs
#3 Rank Not Ranked
2-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Hoger MMA Gym Paradigm Training Center
Picks Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich

Justin: Corey is a young prospect with a lot of promise.  He has complete support from his family and they are approaching his career strategically.  I think he will be a future champion.  I do think in this match that experience will play a huge part and that is something Corey has not had a ton of given his fights end so quickly.  If you do some Googling you will find Evert is sponsored by Rupture Clothing and he is listed as a 2-0 PRO.  Not sure if they are confused or we all got duped….Either way he has a lot more experience than Corey so I see this as a hard fought UD for Evert.

Prediction: Gutierrez via Unanimous Decision.

Lance: Not an easy fight for either of these guys, Gutierrez has shown success in no-gi grappling in local competition, and Allmand had a great armbar victory last year. I managed to find some tape of Gutierrez as I don’t believe I’d seen him fight MMA before, I’m sure he will have built on his striking, which looked reasonably technical. Tough fight to call, but I give Gutierrez the grappling advantage and look for him to finish by submission.

Prediction: Gutierrez by submission.

Mike: Everybody is riding high on Allmand with good reason but I think Gutierrez may have the grappling prowess and technical standup to neutralize Corey’s mannish strength.

Prediction: Gutierrez.

Rich: Allmand is the future of the 170lb division but this will be his first fight against someone whose skills are on Evert’s level. Look for Corey to try to win this inside where his strength will be hard to deal with. Evert is comfortable standing and even more at home on the ground where his biggest advantage will shine through.

Prediction: Gutierrez by Decision.

Cody Phillips vs Austin Franks

Cody Phillips Name Austin Franks
155lbs Ht/Wt 155lbs
#2 Rank #5
2-0-1 Record 2-2-0
Bam Bam Gym Gracie Barra – The Woodlands
Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich Picks

Justin: Austin just happens to be in my favorite MMA fight pic I have shot in Houston in the last several years.  It represents the respect and good sportsmanship our sport is all about.  From what I remember Austin is a grinder.  He hails from the notorious Gracie Barra camp who often times don’t rebuild, they reload.  If Austin has his way I think he will turn this into a grinding fight with a UD for one fighter.  On the other hand, I am not sure Cody is interested in a grinding match.  Phillips explosiveness makes him dangerous at every moment of a fight. I think the x-factor in this fight will be the ground game of Cody. Ultimately I see this still being a TKO win for Phillips via 2nd Round.

Prediction: Phillips vis TKO in Round 2

Lance: Two of the best 155lbers at the amateur level in Houston, this will be an interesting fight for sure. Franks has been around for quite a while but only had the one fight last year. Cody Phillips also debuted at a similar time to Franks. I truely believe this could go either way, and its really a fight where we have to see how their styles match up and how they have continued to grow since their last fights. Both guys come from solid camps. By a whisker Im going with Cody Phillips. TKO 2nd round.

Prediction: Phillips 2nd round TKO.

Mike: This one will be a slobberknocker for sure since there’s no love lost between these two. Austin’s size could give Cody trouble on his feet but I see the difference here being his BJJ purple belt if it goes to the ground. As we’ve seen from UFC 1, the majority of fights go the ground so I gotta play the percentages.

Prediction: Phillips.

Rich: Austin Franks is a tough fighter who does not mind standing and trading but I don’t see that game plan working here. His best bet is to get this fight to the ground. Cody Phillips has some of he best striking in the Houston area and for the first time he is able to train more than just part time. Look for Cody to come out very aggressive as these two have exchanged words lately.

Prediction: Cody Phillips KO Round 1


Jordan Garza vs Kristy Kester
Mike PICKS Justin, Lance, Rich

David Armas vs Casey Jones
Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich PICKS

Vince Serrano vs Ramiro Cortina
Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich PICKS

Chris Rucker vs Ryan Durand
Justin PICKS Lance, Mike, Rich

Mike Alvarez vs Trent Draper
Lance PICKS Justin, Mike, Rich
Tony Orozco Jr. vs Mike Dunn
Lance, Mike, Rich PICKS Justin

John Wible vs Drew Elder
Lance PICKS Justin, Mike, Rich

Kamel Saleh vs Kolton Karl Englund
Justin, Mike, Rich PICKS Lance

Luis Ibarra vs Brandon Boyd
Lance, Mike, Rich PICKS Justin

Brannen Jones vs Ruben Martinez
Mike PICKS Lance, Justin, Rich
Steele West vs Charles Lloyd
Lance PICKS Justin, Mike, Rich

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