Bikini Carwash Benefit: Pics and Recap


On Saturday July 24, the Houston MMA community once again came together to help out one of our own.  Big Boy Sports and B3 Sports teamed up to help raise money for local fighter John Malbrough’s mother, who is in need of heart surgery.  The weather was perfect and the turnout was amazing.  In just 4 short hours, the event raised $1000 to put towards Mrs. Malbrough’s surgery.  Fighters from all over the city made the trip out to show their support, some coming from as far as College Station.  Gym represent included 4oz fight club, Gracie Barra North Houston, McCall’s, Kingwood MMA, United Kombat Academy and Windy Sport and Fitness.  Even Legacy’s own Mick Maynard made the trip out to show his support.

“Having all the guys in the community there to back me was awesome.  I definitely felt the love.  It’s great to know that people who don’t even know me can come out and help make a difference,” John said of the support he and his family received.

He added, ” I learned something from this this whole situation with my mom, that there are truly great people in this world.”

As for an update on his mom, “We almost have the money to get her surgery done.  She is still pretty much the same right now.  She’s really not supposed to do too much, but she walked to the end of the driveway the other day and was completely out of breath.  My hope is that after this surgery, everything will be back to normal with her.”

Finally, John had a few words to say to the Houston MMA community.

“I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the help and for coming together for me.  It will never be forgotten. I want to thank you guys at, Adam Villareal on In The Cage, Big Rob (my manager with Big Boy Sports), Ragan McDaniel of B3 Sports, all of the guys from all the gyms that came out to help and show support and the good folks at Tailgaters.  I love all of you guys!”

Enjoy the pics!

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