April 9 Legacy FC Pick’em Contest: Fan Edition!

Hey fight fans, here’s YOUR CHANCE to put your picks on record and prove that YOU are the expert when it comes to Houston MMA. Simply fill out the form below and submit it.  When the fights are over, we’ll add up the score and the highest point total will be declared the winner. The Winner will get to be on our Expert panel for our next pick’em contest.

The rules are simple:

  2. Points are awarded as follows –
    1. +5 points for picking the correct winner (Who)
    2. +3 points for picking the correct method of victory (How)
    3. +2 points for picking the correct round (When)
    4. +5 points for each correct award winner
  3. You MUST pick the correct winner (Who) to get credit for a correct method (how) and round (when)
  4. Draw or no contest = no points
  5. Doctor stoppage is a TKO
  6. Corner stoppage is a verbal submission
  7. Deadline for Entry is 12pm CST Saturday Feb. 26, 2011

Once you submit your entry, scroll back up here to see the confirmation message.

That’s it! Have fun and good luck!