Urijah Faber gives MMA seminar at Paradigm Training Center


MMA is a rough sport. No matter how you look at it the athletes’ are a different breed. They spend their work hours in a cage trying to do bodily harm to their opponent, and they expect the same violence returned back to them. From this smash’em up sport it is sometimes surprising to hear the good stories that come from MMA.

On Saturday at Paradigm Training Center, in Houston, another of those feel good stories was born. Urijah Faber was in town to host a seminar on wrestling and MMA, and he arrived obviously under the weather. Urijah spent 3 hours conducting a very informative seminar, and even being sick he was sure to pay personal attention to every attendee.  Urijah showed the attendees some great guard passes as well as a few variations of his famous guillotine and worked with the future fighters on their stand up movements.  Instead of giving a short seminar or not showing up at all Urijah pushed through his sickness and made sure everyone left with a smile on their face. When the seminar was over, Urijah made sure to make himself available to anyone who wanted a picture or an autograph. When everyone had left, and there were no cameras around, Urijah even took the time to roll around with a young attendee who had been too shy to approach him during the seminar.

Urijah showed why MMA fans have such a close connection to the stars. Even though he is one of the biggest names in MMA, Urijah was very approachable and even introduced himself to people who might have been to shy to say hi. MMA has many big names, but not many care about their fans more than Urijah Faber. We’d like to thank Reed and all the guys at Paradigm Training Center for inviting us out to cover the event and for keeping the price low and affordable for the fans.

Some sample lessons from the seminar:

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