Greek Tossed Salad at Legacy Weigh Ins

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Written By: Barry Laminack

There was plenty of Greek tossed salad at the Legacy Weigh-In’s, but it wasn’t on the Hooters menu. Instead, it was Mike “The Greek” Bronzoulis picking up a hand full of salad and throwing it at his opponent Jonathan Harris.  This capped about a 30 minute war of words between the two fighters that started after Bronzoulis tossed a promotional card for his website onto Harris’ table and said, “here, check  out my website”.

Harris responded with “No thanks” and it quickly escalated from there.  In less than a minute both fighters where nose to nose and had to be pulled apart on several occasions.  Shortly after the face off, both fighters continued to exchange words at which point Bronzoulies grabbed a hand full of salad located on the table sepearting the two fighters and through it at Harris.  Harris responded by grabbing two handfuls of salad yelled “FOOD FIGHT” as he made it ran…with lettuce.

These weigh ins had a little bit of everything include two fights that got canceled.  Derrick Lewis found out that Miguel Guerra backed out of their fight, and Brian Melancon failed to make weight.  Brian weighed in at 162, 7 pounds over the 155 target.  He offered up a substantial sum of money from his purse to  his would be opponent Junior Assuncao, but Assuncao declined.  Melancon told me in an exclusive interview that he was sorry that he missed weight and that this would be the last time that he tries to fight at 155.  He went on to say that the weight cut is just too difficult for him.  This is the 2nd time in 3 fights that he has missed weight.

I also spoke with Assuncao afterward and he told me that he was disappointed, but that this happens. “I put myself through a 7 week camp for this fight. It wasn’t easy.  It still hasn’t really clicked that I’m not fighting tomorrow.  My lifestyle changes when I have a fight coming up. I don’t teach, I don’t socialize as much, I’m a prick to my girlfired.  I spent a lot of money on this diet, my medicals where expensive, you know, the whole thing.  I think there should have been more communication from my opponent.  I just think he might not have a mentor that shows him how to cut, because if he came in looking like a zombie 6 pounds over, that’s not good.  All I can say is I apologize to all the fans, and I’ll be there tomorrow to apologize in person.”

When asked about whats next for him, Assuncao added, “I talked to Mike and told him that I kind of like that belt. It looks nice, so I’m going to have to go after that belt.  Who ever wins tomorrow night, I would like to fight.  I would also like to fight Carlo Prater, Brians coach. He’s a Brazilian and he’s been all over the world, It hin it would be a good fight.”

Some good news that came out of the weigh ins was that John Malbrough appears to have an opponent after all.  As initial reported here on, Malbroughs fight was canceled, but Marc Garcia’s camp saw this and stepped up, posting in our comments section here on the site that he would step up and fight Malbrough.  We passed the info on to Legacy promoter Mick Maynard and the fight was made in less than 20 minutes.

Greg Bellomy and Alex Black had a nice off, seeing who could give out the most compliments in 1 minutes.  It was a draw.  However, Alex won the battle of the underwear stepping on the scale in a speedo, while Greg rocked the South Park drawers.

There was one fight that broke out. It was between Derrick Lewis and the bowl of salad.  The salad didn’t stand a chance.

This just in, Akira Smith has a really large afro.  No, I mean REALLY REALLY large.

Side note, I don’t think I’ve EVER written this much about a weigh in before!

And now, the video you’ve all been waiting for. THE TOSSED SALAD EPISODE!  A warning, there is some “not safe for work” language…and salad tossing.

HUGE THANK YOU to Jeremy over at 4oz Fight Club for providing the video!

Enjoy the pics

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