Ted Stickel Seminar Recap


Houston has been blessed with some great seminars over the past few months and Hoger MMA kept the ball rolling with the Professor Ted Stickel Seminar on Saturday. Professer Stickel is a very well respected member of the Gracie Barra family and has trained all over the world including twice at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club in the United Arab Emirates and the Graci Barra Academy in Brazil. Professer Stickel has trained many world champions and UFC fighters including Houston’s own Sam Hoger who received his black belt from Professor Stickel last year.

Professer Stickel held two seminar’s on Saturday both Gi and No Gi. Both of the seminars were well attended and Professor Stickel did not disappoint. His methods of breaking down the techniques to the smallest detail and then showing the members how to relate each technique to the next shows why he is such a highly respected instructor.

Everyone in attendance received more than their monies worth and I expect Professor Stickel to be back down soon again to another packed house.

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