Team Tooke Grand Opening

Travis Tooke has been around the Houston MMA scene for quit some time.  And for a guy who started teaching BJJ in his garage, he’s come a long way.  On October 30th, Team Tooke had their grand opening party for their newer and much larger facility located off of 249.  They celebrated by having a huge BJJ seminar, open Muay Thai sparring, a kids seminar, lots of food and even more fun.  It was a great day and a beautiful facility.

It’s amazing to see the growth of his gym just in the last year. When you walk in to the new facility, there is a lobby with windows for guests and parents to watch the BJJ and Judo classes.  Past this room (filled with wall to wall mats) is another huge room dedicated to MMA. It’s got a full size cage and a full size boxing ring along with plenty of equipment and a ton more mat space.

Enjoy the pics!