Stacked Legacy Card Provides Great Night of Fights

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Coming off of the previous Legacy FC, we were not sure if anything could surpass the excitement and drama of the previous installment in the Legacy FC series. Mick and his crew once again proved us wrong with a powerhouse show that any promotion will have trouble topping. With three bouts that could have been main events, this card had it all (even a surprise visit by upcoming Strikeforce: Houston fighter KJ Noons)

Legacy-FC-July31-647 Legacy-FC-July31-1006

Larry Crowe and Taylor Hebert started the night off, and the two heavyweights did not disappoint. Taylor showcased some highlight reel slams, and he was able to control Larry on the ground as he grinded out a decision win.

Legacy-FC-July31-098 Legacy-FC-July31-107 Legacy-FC-July31-116 Legacy-FC-July31-136 Legacy-FC-July31-163 Legacy-FC-July31-178 Legacy-FC-July31-224 Legacy-FC-July31-227

In a rematch from their amateur careers, Craig Gardner and Jeff Rexroad locked horns again this time as pros. Jeff came fast with some beautiful submission attempts that had Craig on the verge of submission. The next two rounds showed the evolution of Gardner as he was able to dictate the pace and control the fight from then on. Gardner walked away with a decision win that left everyone in attendance wanting more. The combined efforts of the two fighters earned them the TCD Fight of the Night!

Legacy-FC-July31-251 Legacy-FC-July31-272 Legacy-FC-July31-275 Legacy-FC-July31-277 Legacy-FC-July31-308 Legacy-FC-July31-309 Legacy-FC-July31-310 Legacy-FC-July31-361

Jordan Rivas and Rueben Melendez were up next, and Jordan wasted no time taking this fight to the ground to showcase his BJJ black belt skills. Rueben made a valiant effort to stay alive, but it’s hard to swim with sharks when you’re bleeding. Jordan finished the fight off with a RNC. Hopefully, we can see him up the level of opponent next with either Gardner or Rexroad.

Legacy-FC-July31-378 Legacy-FC-July31-383 Legacy-FC-July31-390 Legacy-FC-July31-418 Legacy-FC-July31-426 Legacy-FC-July31-430 Legacy-FC-July31-432

Patrick Hutton came out hoping to avoid a repeat of his last fight where he was taken down repeatedly. Justin Murray had other plans as he took down Hutton as soon as he could and worked his way to a submission with an arm triangle.

Legacy-FC-July31-443 Legacy-FC-July31-452 Legacy-FC-July31-459 Legacy-FC-July31-466

Steve Garcia and Warren Stewart came out swinging, and the action did not stop till the final bell. Steve put on a striking clinic that should have most of the 135lbers in the city very worried. Steve won a unanimous decision over the tough Stewart. After the fight, Stewart, a veteran of 17 fights, announced his retirement at the young age of 21. Hopefully, we will see this talent back soon.

Legacy-FC-July31-486 Legacy-FC-July31-513 Legacy-FC-July31-522 Legacy-FC-July31-539 Legacy-FC-July31-558 Legacy-FC-July31-560 Legacy-FC-July31-591 Legacy-FC-July31-609 Legacy-FC-July31-615 Legacy-FC-July31-618 Legacy-FC-July31-627 Legacy-FC-July31-632

Chris Spicer and Bubba Bush came out ready to excite the crowd, and they did just that. Bubba was able to control the fight from the opening bell with exciting takedowns and vicious ground and pound. Spicer was on his back for most of this fight and never really was able to mount any offense against Bubba. With this win, it will be interesting to see who Bubba will be matched up with next.

Legacy-FC-July31-655 Legacy-FC-July31-662 Legacy-FC-July31-667 Legacy-FC-July31-679 Legacy-FC-July31-693 Legacy-FC-July31-714 Legacy-FC-July31-719 Legacy-FC-July31-744 Legacy-FC-July31-750 Legacy-FC-July31-753 Legacy-FC-July31-764 Legacy-FC-July31-782

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In one of the most anticipated fights of the night (and maybe even Houston MMA history), Artenas Young and Ike Villanueva came out to settle the war of words that started and here on and continued on for months. Ike came out aggressive as expected, but was never able to catch Young flush with anything. Young used his greatly improved footwork and blazing speed to batter and bloody Ike throughout the fight, and he showed a much more aggressive nature that fit him perfectly. The doctors decided Ike’s face had taken enough damage in the third round, and they called a stop to the fight.

Legacy-FC-July31-821 Legacy-FC-July31-833 Legacy-FC-July31-854 Legacy-FC-July31-859 Legacy-FC-July31-868 Legacy-FC-July31-870 Legacy-FC-July31-876 Legacy-FC-July31-922 Legacy-FC-July31-934 Legacy-FC-July31-944 Legacy-FC-July31-950 Legacy-FC-July31-957 Legacy-FC-July31-961 Legacy-FC-July31-965 Legacy-FC-July31-979 Legacy-FC-July31-989

JR Fuller came out ready to take down Jonathan Harris, but it will have taken you longer to read this sentence than it did for the fight to end. Fuller faked the opening glove touch between the two fighters and dove in for a takedown.  Harris introduced his knee to Fullers face and squashed that not so bright game plan. With this KO, Harris now holds the record for the fastest Legacy FC KO with this 5 second win, and he also earned the TCD KO of the Night!

Legacy-FC-July31-993 Legacy-FC-July31-994 Legacy-FC-July31-996 Legacy-FC-July31-997

The Legacy FC 145lb title was up for grabs in the next fight between Legacy FC 155lb Champ Rey Trujillo and Daniel Pineda. Both fighters came out with aggressive striking, and when the opportunity came Daniel took the fight to the ground where he is the one of the best at ending the fight. Rey fought off the sub attempts by Daniel, and he even slammed Daniel onto the mat trying to shake him off of his back. The slam however only allowed Daniel to sink in the RNC and secure the Title and the TCD Submission of the Night award. Hopefully, we do not have to wait two years again to see Daniel in Houston. Bring him back quick, Mick!

Legacy-FC-July31-1025 Legacy-FC-July31-1029 Legacy-FC-July31-1032 Legacy-FC-July31-1035 Legacy-FC-July31-1049 Legacy-FC-July31-1051 Legacy-FC-July31-1064 Legacy-FC-July31-1065 Legacy-FC-July31-1067 Legacy-FC-July31-1077 Legacy-FC-July31-1089 Legacy-FC-July31-1093 Legacy-FC-July31-1096 Legacy-FC-July31-1103 Legacy-FC-July31-1107 Legacy-FC-July31-1115

The main event of the night pitted the young up and comer Brian Melancon against the veteran Todd Moore. Moore came out and looked crisp with his striking until Melancon landed with a big right hand. Melancon may be one of the strongest 155lbers anywhere. He showed his power with a flurry of strikes that left Todd dazed and confused (and without a mouth piece), and forced the referee to stop the fight. Brian pulled off the biggest win of his short career, and it will be unlikely if he is the underdog against anyone any time soon.

Legacy-FC-July31-1120 Legacy-FC-July31-1124 Legacy-FC-July31-1127 Legacy-FC-July31-1128 Legacy-FC-July31-1131 Legacy-FC-July31-1137 Legacy-FC-July31-1142 Legacy-FC-July31-1147 Legacy-FC-July31-1150 Legacy-FC-July31-1151 Legacy-FC-July31-1152

With every passing event, the bar is continually raised in Houston, and no one has raised it higher than Mick and his Legacy FC crew.

“I think the card lived up to and actually may have exceeded the hype,” Mick said of the event.

One of the keys to the success of Legacy FC has been the success of the amateur wing of Legacy, know as Lonestar Beatdown. Mick is able to give his amateurs a great environment to grow and learn in, and when the time is right he has his own farm system to pick from and add to the already stellar pros he has on his Legacy cards. With the up and coming talent in Houston and the ability to bring in veterans like Todd Moore, Mick has found the perfect mixture that keeps the crowds coming back.

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