Puro Combate 1: Pictures and Results


TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Steven Peterson vs. Marcus Dupar
Knockout of the Night N/A
Submission of the Night Lexi Pappas

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Here is what our panel of experts think about some of the matchups on this fight card.  Read the details here about each prediction here.

BLUE = Correct PickRED = Incorrect Pick MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas JustinTrappJustin Trapp RichardBurmasterRich Burmaster
Steven Peterson vs. Marcus Dupar Peterson Dupar Dupar
Jonathan Mack vs.  Taylor Moses Moses Moses Mack
Alexander Pappas vs. Juan Long Long Pappas Pappas
Jason David Frank vs. Jose Roberto Vasquez Frank Frank Frank


Steven Peterson def. Marcus Dupar via Armbar at 2:26 in the 3rd round
Angel Huerta def. Danny Torres via TKO due to strikes at 2:29 in the 1st round
Jonathan Mack def. Taylor Moses via Guillotine Choke at 1:34 in the 1st round
Jon King def. Edgar Verdin via Split Decision
Lexi Pappas def. Juan Long via Guillotine Choke at 1:59 in the 1st round
Roxanne Adams def. Rena Pena via Unanimous Decision
Nate Garza def. Frank Ortega via Unanimous Decision
Jason David Frank def. Jose Roberto Vasquez via RNC at 0:46 in the 1st round


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