Muay Thai Super Seminar: Recap and Pictures

Written By: Barry Laminack
Photos By: Lance Edwards

If you missed the Muay Thai super seminar this past Saturday (Dec 3, 2011) at Gracie Barra The Woodlands, you missed a great opportunity to improve your striking game and learn from some of the best in the business. The seminar was less about a particular gym, a gym affiliate or gym politics and more about promoting and growing Muay Thai here in Houston.

To teach this seminar, Michael “Chase” Corley brought in some big guns for the Houston Muay Thai and MMA community. Along with himself teaching, Corley had 4oz Fight Club’s Kru Bob Perez, Cyrus Washington and Kevin Ross.

The class of over 62 were treated to 3+ hours of Muay Thai and striking instructions from basics to more advanced moves. There was a good mix of styles from traditional Muay Thai, dutch style muay thai and Muay Thai adapted to MMA.  Everybody partnered up and worked techniques and drills for the 3+ hours as the 4 instructors walked the mats and provided feedback to the students.

Let’s hope there is more of this and more Muay Thai here in Houston!

Enjoy the pictures from the seminar. We’ll be posting some of these to our Facebook Page as well.

(NOTE: Click on an image to see a larger version)