Mike Swick Seminar: Pics and Recap


If you didn’t hear about the Mike Swick seminar, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  It was kind of under the radar and a last minute addition to our Calendar as well.  That being said, when you’re name is Mike Swick, even little publicity can’t stop you from drawing a crowd of almost 30 for your seminar.

The seminar lasted for 3+ hours and was packed full of tips for MMA fighters (both established and aspiring).  If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet Mike Swick, then you’re missing out on meeting one of the nicest people in MMA.  He’s a down to earth, humble guy who really seems to appreciate the fans and the people he comes in contact with.

The seminar itself covered many different aspects of MMA, from escaping mount, to a “secret” takedown that has proven very effective for Swick.  What made it even better was that Swick spent over an hour talking with the attendees in an open forum scenario, answering questions about diet, cutting weight, and other things important to an MMA fighter.

If you’re an MMA fighter (or want to be) and happen to have the chance to atten a the next Swick seminar here intown, do yourself a favor and go.  You’ll learn a lot; not just how to fight, but how to treat your future fans.

Enjoy the pics. We’ll be posting a video lesson from the seminar (escaping mount) in the next couple of days as well.

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