Legacy Muay Thai: Recap, Results and Pictures


Mick Maynard and his Legacy crew did something on Friday night that no one in the state of Texas had been able to do before. Legacy Muay Thai made its debut here in Houston on Friday making it the first sanctioned Amateur Muay Thai event held in Texas, and what a debut it was. The house was packed at Stereo Live on Richmond and the crowd was treated to a night full of excitement

There were many great moments during the fights, so I decided to recap a few of my favorites.

Akira Smith put on a show during his decision win over Alexis Charrarvia.  Akira showed some great kicks and amazing spinning elbows.

LFC_MuayThai_40210_13 LFC_MuayThai_40210_15 LFC_MuayThai_40210_21 LFC_MuayThai_40210_22

John Malbrough and Patrick Bierschwale showed the crowd that two MMA boys can compete in Muay Thai as well with some great striking and wonderful sportsmanship all night. John won the decision avenging his loss to Patrick in an earlier MMA fight.

LFC_MuayThai_40210_41 LFC_MuayThai_40210_42 LFC_MuayThai_40210_45 LFC_MuayThai_40210_47

Cody Phillips was dominating in his decision win over Alex Black. Cody showed great technique along with tons of power but could not finish Alex, whose heart would not let him quit.

LFC_MuayThai_40210_52 LFC_MuayThai_40210_58 LFC_MuayThai_40210_60 LFC_MuayThai_40210_61

Peter Sprajc made a return to his old self with a TKO victory over Mike Castillo. Peter showed some beautiful sweeps as Castillo spent the majority of the fight on his butt. It was great to see the aggressive Peter return.

LFC_MuayThai_40210_64 LFC_MuayThai_40210_65 LFC_MuayThai_40210_66

Seventeen year old Matt Wald showed the best striking of the night with his TKO victory over Josh Ramirez. Matt showed early and often that he is a force to be reckoned with as he picked apart Josh with brutal strikes and painful body kicks that repeatedly dropped his opponent. Referee Joe Soliz stepped in and stopped the fight as there was no need for Josh to take any more punishment.

LFC_MuayThai_40210_68 LFC_MuayThai_40210_70 LFC_MuayThai_40210_73 LFC_MuayThai_40210_75

Jessica Castillio and Jhin Yu went three brutal rounds with the two ladies throwing more knees than any other fight on the card. These two battled it out for three rounds with Jessica earning a decision win.

LFC_MuayThai_40210_06 LFC_MuayThai_40210_07 LFC_MuayThai_40210_08 LFC_MuayThai_40210_09

I spoke with a very happy Mick Maynard who said “It was a great show and I hope everyone had a good time. We are looking at June for the next show, and I look forward to bringing Muay Thai to Texas more often.”

This was a great event that all the fighters and fans enjoyed. The city of Houston has some great Muay Thai practitioners, and it is nice to see they finally have a place to showcase their ability. Legacy Muay Thai is here to stay, and I cannot wait for the next one.

Below is the full results from the card, as Tweeted live by TheCageDoor.net on April 2.

  • Joey Stumbler vs S Hebert ends with a decision for Joey Stumblers. 3 round battle with neither Guy backing down
  • Jessica Castillo vs Jhin Yu winner by decision is Castillo. Tough war for three rounds..brutal knees from both the entire fight
  • Akira Smith vs Alexis charravia Winner by split decision Akira Smith. Fight was full of spinning kicks and flying elbows by Akira
  • Brandon Franco vs Brannen Jones Winner by KO Brannen Jones. Franco wilted quick under a barrage of strikes…went down twice
  • Roxanne Cardona vs Roxy Adams Winner by decision Cardova. Great fight. . Slugfest
  • Evan guiterrez vs Noel Ligon Winner by decision Noel. Most technical Fight so far
  • Malbrough vs Bierschwale Winner by decision Malbrough. These two Mma boys put on a show
  • Alex Black vs Cody Phillips Winner by decision Cody Phillips. Fight of the night so far.Phillips showed great offense and alex showed heart
  • Mike Castillo vs Peter Å prajc Winner by TKO Peter. Peter dominated the standup
  • Josh Ramirez vs Matt Wald Winner by ref stoppage tko Matt Wald. the 17 yr old dominated his opponent with the best striking of all night
  • Nethaneel Mongoni vs Craig Gardner Winner by decision Craig Gardner. Very close split decision. ..very technical match

More pictures from the fights (click on a picture to view it full sized):

LFC_MuayThai_40210_01 LFC_MuayThai_40210_02 LFC_MuayThai_40210_03 LFC_MuayThai_40210_04 LFC_MuayThai_40210_05 LFC_MuayThai_40210_10 LFC_MuayThai_40210_11 LFC_MuayThai_40210_12 LFC_MuayThai_40210_14 LFC_MuayThai_40210_16 LFC_MuayThai_40210_17 LFC_MuayThai_40210_18 LFC_MuayThai_40210_19 LFC_MuayThai_40210_20 LFC_MuayThai_40210_23 LFC_MuayThai_40210_24 LFC_MuayThai_40210_25 LFC_MuayThai_40210_26 LFC_MuayThai_40210_27 LFC_MuayThai_40210_28 LFC_MuayThai_40210_29 LFC_MuayThai_40210_30 LFC_MuayThai_40210_31 LFC_MuayThai_40210_32 LFC_MuayThai_40210_33 LFC_MuayThai_40210_34 LFC_MuayThai_40210_35 LFC_MuayThai_40210_36 LFC_MuayThai_40210_37 LFC_MuayThai_40210_38 LFC_MuayThai_40210_39 LFC_MuayThai_40210_40 LFC_MuayThai_40210_43 LFC_MuayThai_40210_44 LFC_MuayThai_40210_46 LFC_MuayThai_40210_48 LFC_MuayThai_40210_49 LFC_MuayThai_40210_50 LFC_MuayThai_40210_51 LFC_MuayThai_40210_53 LFC_MuayThai_40210_54 LFC_MuayThai_40210_55 LFC_MuayThai_40210_57 LFC_MuayThai_40210_59 LFC_MuayThai_40210_62 LFC_MuayThai_40210_63 LFC_MuayThai_40210_67 LFC_MuayThai_40210_69 LFC_MuayThai_40210_71 LFC_MuayThai_40210_72 LFC_MuayThai_40210_74 LFC_MuayThai_40210_76 LFC_MuayThai_40210_77 LFC_MuayThai_40210_78 LFC_MuayThai_40210_79 LFC_MuayThai_40210_80 LFC_MuayThai_40210_81 LFC_MuayThai_40210_82 LFC_MuayThai_40210_83 LFC_MuayThai_40210_84 LFC_MuayThai_40210_85 LFC_MuayThai_40210_86 LFC_MuayThai_40210_87 LFC_MuayThai_40210_88 LFC_MuayThai_40210_89 LFC_MuayThai_40210_90 LFC_MuayThai_40210_91