Legacy Fighting Championship 9: Weigh In Pictures

Written By: Barry Laminack
Photos By: Barry Laminack

Twas the day before Legacy, and all through H-Town
Everyone got excited, for the impending throw-down.
The fighters were hungry, and thirsty as hell
They were not very happy, this was easy to tell.

The media was all ready, with cameras in hand
The state led the way, like only they can
As Collin and Mick looked on with a grin
Each fighter stepped up to officially weigh-in

Macaco and Mike stared of like two pros,
Who will take this one, nobody knows
Rexroad was up next, he looked in really good shape
Too bad Larry Crowe would miss target weight

He was over by ten, and looked drained and wore out
Rexroad said that’s fine, I’m still taking the bout
They agreed on a price, and what they could weigh the next night
I hope that it makes, it’s a really good fight

Cody and Steve, both made 135
then came Ricardo, after making the drive
He came down from Pittsburgh, on really short notice
But he made weight, and Harris looked focused

Pineda and Gilbert were next up in line
Gilbert was over (by 1), Pineda said “that’s fine”
Next came the heavies, that’s Rakim and Derrick
These dudes are BIG, but know how to wear it

Everyone on the prelims made weight with no qualms
the face off was epic between Armas and Mahon,
I wish everyone luck, hope you all have good nights
But for now here’s the pics, We’ll see you guys at the fights.

(shout out to Eric Hostetter for the inspiration)

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145 – David Armas v. Jeremy Mahon

185 – Noel Ligon v. Patrick Hutton

155 – Randy Hauer v. Jesus Rivera

170 – Jeremy Morris v. Justin Murray

155 – Chop Rucker v. Frost Murphy

HDNet Fight Card

HVY – Derek Lewis v. Rakim Cleveland

150 – Gilbert Jiminez v. Daniel Pineda (catchweight non-title)

170 – Jon Harris v. Ricardo Talavera

135 – Cody Williams v. Steven Garcia

175 – Jeff Rexroad v. Larry Crowe

170 – Mike Bronzoulis v. Jorge Patino(c) (for the welterweight title)