Legacy FC Nov 5: Pictures and Recap

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Wow. That’s it. I sat here for a long time trying to figure out how to open this recap, and that’s the only thing that kept coming to my mind.  It’s sometimes hard for entire cards to live up to the hype, but this one did.  The buzz around Houston leading up to this event was that this could very well be the fight card of the year, and despite losing several key fights at the last moment, this was still one of the best night of fight in Houston in 2010.

There were lots celebrities in the house, including Houston Texans players, Boxer Lou Savarese, and Doug from the Rod Ryan Show, but one celebrity out shown them all; Peter Tsatsaronis.  Peter is a 7 years old boy who has Hodgkins Lymphoma and Drew Raticheck dedicated his fight to Peter and brought him into the ring afterward to help bring attention to Peter’s fight.  Please stop by Peter’s Facebook page and show your support!

If you’re looking for more details, please read our live play by play of each fight here.

John Malbrough vs Marc Garcia

For most of the day at weigh ins, it looked like John Malbrough was going to have to postpone his pro debut at Legacy after having his opponent back out.  However, Marc Garcia and his camp posted on TheCageDoor.net that they would be willing to step in and fight John.  So on about 24 hours notice, Marc Garcia stepped up and took the fight.  Garcia gave Malbrough a great fight, but John proved to be too much for him over all, earning a unanimous decision victory over a very tough Garcia.

Drew Ratichek vs Terrance Ferguson

Both fighters made their debut in this fight, but Terrance Ferguson would be the only one to  debut victoriously.  The fight went the distance and was a back and forth battle with both fighters showing good skill on the ground and on their feet.  Ratichek’s stand up looked much better than in previous fights.  Ferguson won via unanimous decision, and did so by mixing up a good balance of a ground work and striking along with several effective take downs that probably won him the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  All in all, it was a very close fight, and good debuts for both fighters.

Akira Smith vs Angel Huerta

Many people felt like this fight could win fight of the night honors, and it did not disappoint.  The crowd was going nuts in anticipation of this fight.  Both fighters exploded out of the gates, showcasing their exciting brand of stand up.  Huerta tried to turn the tables on The Afro Samurai and apply pressure early by overwhelming him with a deadly combination of speed, power and amazing accuracy.  Huerta dropped Smith with a left hook, and then later with a head kick.  After the head kick, Huerta pounced and eventually forced the referee to step in and stop the fight.  Huerta moved to 2-0 and put the 135 pound division on notice here in Houston.  Smith drops his pro debut, but expect to see him rebound and stay in the mix at 135.

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Alex Black vs Greg Bellomy

Alex Black made his pro debut in dramatic fashion by beating Greg Bellomy via TKO in the first round.  Many felt that Black was an underdog going into the fight as Bellomy is a big strong 145’er with amazing skills.  Black, however is a skilled fighter that moved up quickly through the amateur ranks on his was to earning a reputation as an exciting fighter with a ton of skill, heart and desire.  Alex got in trouble early in round one, but recovered at the end of the round by catching a side choke from the bottom.  Bellomy looked a bit dazed on his way back to his corner, but probably won the round.

Round two would see Black come out with a flurry of strikes reminiscent of his exciting and now famous Legacy Muay Thai fight with Cody Phillips.  Bellomy appeared to be defending many of the strikes, but apparently te ref felt like he wasn’t doing a good enough job of defending himself and stepped in and stopped the fight.  Black was landing some shots, but Bellomy appeared to be ok and the stoppage did seem to be a bit premature.  Never the less, Black did what he needed to earn the victory in his pro debut.

Aaron Barringer  v. Tim Snyder

This fight pitted two wiley vets against each other.  Barringer retooled his game and spent the last couple of months working on his boxing and stand up.  Snyder came in having lost 5 of his last 6 fights, but doing so facing some of Texas’s toughest 145’ers, including Will Campuzano, Chas Skelly and Johnny Bedford.  Both fighters scored early with a couple of combos.  Barringer managed to work into a standing arm in guillotine but wasn’t able to finish it.  After working the clinch for a bit, the fighters separated and during an exchange, Snyder caught Barringer flush with a left hook and knocked him out.  It appeared to be a flash knockout but was good enough to end the fight.   Barringer, always gracious in victory or defeat, could be heard and seen complimenting Snyder form the canvas and later after the fight.  Snyder looked good and proved he is worthy of his #3 ranking. He also earned our Knockout of the Night honors.

Rey Trujillo  v. Ray Blodget

Any time Rey Trujillo is in an MMA fight, you are going to get your money’s worth.  This fight was no exception.  The battle of Rey vs Ray was not only our choice for Fight of the Night, but it was probably one of the better fights to be seen this year here in Houston.  I likened it to a ground version of the Trujillo/Rivera fight back in March.

Early in the fight, Trujillo was giving Blodgtt all he could handle, including a heavy dose of kicks. The first round was fought at a frantic pace, and Blodget appeared gassed at the end of the round.  The next four rounds where fought on the ground for the most part, where Blodgtt would be to much for the gritty Trujillo.  Blodget was simply more skilled when it came to grappling, but Trujillo used his explosiveness and slick escape to avoid getting submitted.

In the end, Blodget earned the victory, moving his record to 5-0-0 and winning the Legacy FC 155lb title.

Jonathon Harris  v. Mike Bronzoulis

This fight will for ever be known as the tossed salad fight.  Both fighters got into it at weigh ins but TheCageDoor.net would later learn that they both made nice at the rules meeting.  In fact, they touched gloves as Bronzoulis passed Harris in his pre-fight run around the ring.

The fight would live up to the hype as both fighter rushed to the center of the ring to start the fight.  It was back and forth in the beginning, but Bronzoulis would eventually get full mount on Harris and continue to bombard him with strikes, forcing the ref to stop the fight. The victory earned Bronzoulis the Legacy FC 170lb title.

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