Legacy FC July 31st Weigh In Pics

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It’s time for Legacy FC again and that means its weigh in time at Hooters! Having a weigh in at Hooters has its ups and downs. On the plus side you’re at Hooters, on the downside if your one of the fighters on the card you get to spend a couple hours watching everyone else eat while you sip on an ice cube if you’re lucky.

All of the fighters made weight except for Brian Melancon who looked thinner than I have ever seen him and Rey Trujillio who looked pretty big still at 145. Neither fighter was more than a lb over and they both made the weight on their next attempt. It will be interesting to see how quickly Brian can recover from what looked to be another stressful cut.

Aside from the intense Chico and Ike stare down, the face offs went very smooth. The only major development is that the Ricardo Talavera vs Larry Hopkins fight is off.  Hopkins was a no-show at weigh ins for reasons unknow to us at this time.

All the fighters are ready to get rehydrated and now its time to put on a show tonight. Remember if you can’t make it out to the Arena Theater (and you should really try, your support is vital to the growth of the scene) you can follow us as we live blog the fights.

Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-010 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-018 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-028 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-037 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-041 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-046 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-050 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-056 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-058 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-063 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-064 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-066 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-079 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-082 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-085 Legacy-weigh-ins-31st-086

In other news, after repeatedly boasting of being able to cut to any weight, apparently Drew Raticheck was unable to cut the 220lbs necessary to make weight and compete for the 15lb Legacy FC title against Colt Maynard.  It is speculatoin at this point, but sources say after his title fight victory at Lonestar Beatdown, Drew overdosed on Bacon Pizza and has yet to recover.  None the less, congratualtion to Colt on retaining his really-really-really-really-ultra-light-super-mega-flyweight title.


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