Legacy FC 7: Recap and Pictures

Written By: AJ Hoffman
Photos By: Justin Trapp

HD Net Fights was in the house at Houston Arena Theater for Legacy FC 7, and the night did not disappoint. Below is a quick recap of each the night’s fights as well as the night in pictures.

Tony Orozco vs David McClung

The senior circuit got the festivities started with a spirited contest. McClung came out early and tried to establish himself on the feet and did a great job keeping Orozco at bay with side kicks…for a while. Eventually Orozco would get inside on McClung and score a huge slam. The hammerfists started in and McClung’s head started bouncing off the mat before the ref jumped in to stop it, giving the original Silverback his first win.

Shelby Sheehan vs. David Armas

In my opinion this was the most competitive fight of the night. The first two rounds were both very tough to score, with Sheehan working for takedowns and Armas trying to steal rounds at the end with ground and pound. Sheehan was able to score takedowns throughout the night but credit Armas for not only avoiding submission attempts, but landing a couple of impressive sweeps as well. The last round was the difference maker, as Sheehan was able to control Armas on the mat en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Jared Chaffee vs. Alex Black

Chaffee started this fight off with a huge takedown and didn’t slow down through the first round. Most of the round had Black locked in a body triangle fighting off punches and submissions. The second round started better for Black, but Chaffee just proved to be too much as he flattened Black out and locked in a choke. You could tell Black didn’t want to tap, but it was too deep and Chaffee walked out with an impressive submission win over a tough opponent.

Jermain Anugwom vs. Larry Crowe

I have to eat my words on this one. I said that if Crowe won this fight it would be boring. I was mistaken. Crowe rushed Anugwom against the cage before elevating him for a huge slam. The ground and pound was quick and brutal, and Larry Crowe finished off the most dominating performance of his career.

Justin Reiswerg vs. Marc Ramirez (Made To Win Fight of the Night)

This fight was every bit the battle we were expecting. Both guys left bloody and battered, but in the end Reiswerg proved to be too much for Ramirez. Reiswerg used his stand up game to control the match, landing head kicks, leg kicks and some impressive push kicks. Ramirez rocked Reiswerg a couple of times but Reiswerg was able to grab takedowns and give himself a chance to recover. Impressive fight by both guys, but Reiswerg may have just announced himself as a top contender at 155 lbs.

Rey Trujillo vs. Jesus Rivera

A strange fight, mostly because of questions about the clock. The fight was set for 3- 5 minute rounds, but the first round bell sounded after just 3 minutes. The rest of the rounds were 5 minutes. Trujillo came out looking like the Rey of old in the first round, landing with some unconventional kicks and aggressive wrestling. As the fight went on though, Rivera took control. Rivera landed some solid leg kicks and a couple of dragging takedowns, and found himself in a couple of dominant positions. Eventually Rivera was able to pound out a stoppage victory over Trujillo.

Jonathan Mackles vs. Chad Robichaux (Made to Win Submission of the Night)

The surprise of the night came when Jonathan Mackles floored Chad Robichaux with the first punch of the fight. He charged in with a knee that landed on Robichaux while he was on his backside. Robo worked his way into Mackles guard, but Mackles postured up and grabbed a deep guillotine that forced a tap just about :15 seconds into the fight. Robichaux’s manager, Kelly Crigger, informed me after the fight that they will lodge a complaint with the commission to try and get the official decision switched to a “no decision” because of the illegal knee.

Pete Spratt vs. Antonio Flores (Made to Win KO of the Night)

We knew there would be fireworks in this fight. I just expected a longer show. Flores landed first, but it was Spratt who threw his whole body into a left hook that dropped Flores just seconds into the fight. Flores was still conscious, but clearly unable to continue. He looked like he was seeing stars and was holding his hand to his dome. The ref saved Flores from any more damage and likely sets up a match between Spratt and Jorge “Macaco” Patino for the welterweight title.

Daniel Pineda vs. Frank Gomez

Daniel Pineda knew how important this fight was for his career, and he fought like it was. The first round saw Gomez get the best of the 4 Oz. fighter, cutting Pineda above his eye. Pineda threatened with a kneebar, but was down 10-9 after a frame. Pineda came out in the second round a new man, pushing the pace and hitting Gomez from every angle. Pineda also did a nice job when the fight was on the ground, passing Gomez’s guard and again nearly finishing a kneebar. The third round featured some solid leg kicks from Pineda and his hands had Gomez backing up. Pineda slipped on a jumping kick and Gomez pounced. Pineda was able to fight his way to Gomez’s back though, and it was the beginning of the end for Gomez. Pineda flattened him out and pounded his head until Gomez stuck his neck out. Pineda locked in a tight rear naked and forced the tap.

Carlo Prater vs. Cameron Dollar

The first round was a showcase of Prater’s all around game. Dollar started out trying for a takedown, but Prater was able to stuff it nicely. After landing some good shots on Dollar, it was Prater who scored the takedown. He was aggressive from the top, landing several elbows, one of which busted Dollar wide open. The doctor’s checked the cut, and Dollar was allowed to continue. Prater continued to dominate through the first round bell. The second saw Dollar come out swinging, and landing, before Prater scored a takedown and went back to work. He passed to side control and locked up a kimura, which eventually forced a tap from Dollar and extended his win streak to three.