Houston Grand Prix Jiu Jitsu Tourney: Pics


Saturday at Summer Creek High School the Houston Grand Prix Jiu Jitsu tournament served as a hub for some of Houston best grapplers to come together and showcase their skills. Grapplers of all shapes, sizes and skill levels participated, with the number of competitors estimated to be in the 400’s. Elbert Hebron always manages to draw a great crowd with his shows and this was no exception.

I’m not sure if it was due to the large number of participants, but the day’s events did seem to run a bit slow at times, and for those who came early the wait was long. I would also be remiss if I did not mention the delayed arrival of the paramedics for an injured competitor.  The wait time was much longer than necessary and had the injury been severe it could have been a scary scene.

Save for these few hiccups, Elbert and his crew usually run a tight ship and I am assuming the late location change (beyond his control) had something to do with these few issues. I look forward to the next Houston Grand Prix event in October and I am sure it will be run back to Elbert’s usual standards.

We hope you enjoy the pics, and remember, you can download and use as many as you want, but please don’t remove or crop out our logo.

Grand-Prix-Tourney-010 Grand-Prix-Tourney-011 Grand-Prix-Tourney-017 Grand-Prix-Tourney-026 Grand-Prix-Tourney-032 Grand-Prix-Tourney-047 Grand-Prix-Tourney-083 Grand-Prix-Tourney-085 Grand-Prix-Tourney-092 Grand-Prix-Tourney-094 Grand-Prix-Tourney-096 Grand-Prix-Tourney-121 Grand-Prix-Tourney-127 Grand-Prix-Tourney-134 Grand-Prix-Tourney-145 Grand-Prix-Tourney-152 Grand-Prix-Tourney-165 Grand-Prix-Tourney-173 Grand-Prix-Tourney-185 Grand-Prix-Tourney-193 Grand-Prix-Tourney-204 Grand-Prix-Tourney-208 Grand-Prix-Tourney-219 Grand-Prix-Tourney-241 Grand-Prix-Tourney-249 Grand-Prix-Tourney-254 Grand-Prix-Tourney-280 Grand-Prix-Tourney-289 Grand-Prix-Tourney-341 Grand-Prix-Tourney-358 Grand-Prix-Tourney-379 Grand-Prix-Tourney-390 Grand-Prix-Tourney-394 Grand-Prix-Tourney-410 Grand-Prix-Tourney-424 Grand-Prix-Tourney-460 Grand-Prix-Tourney-497 Grand-Prix-Tourney-517 Grand-Prix-Tourney-533 Grand-Prix-Tourney-554 Grand-Prix-Tourney-562 Grand-Prix-Tourney-566 Grand-Prix-Tourney-588 Grand-Prix-Tourney-601 Grand-Prix-Tourney-609 Grand-Prix-Tourney-611 Grand-Prix-Tourney-622 Grand-Prix-Tourney-650 Grand-Prix-Tourney-661 Grand-Prix-Tourney-675 Grand-Prix-Tourney-690 Grand-Prix-Tourney-745 Grand-Prix-Tourney-775