Fight To Win Notorious: Recap and Pictures


On April 24th, 2010 at the Legends Sports Complex in Spring, TX, Fight to Win and the World Grappling Circuit put on their second collaborated show together and their first MMA card in the Houston area. Seth and Brett took a different route than the usual MMA card, and they relied on unknown amateurs, many of whom were making their MMA debuts. These fighters did not come across as first timers as most of the fights had the crowd on their feet from bell to bell.

Some of the highlights included Court Caspery and Nicholas Castano squaring off in a heavyweight slug fest that had both fighters landing some big blows. After the first round power display by both fighters, it appeared that neither had much left in the tank, but they both came out firing again with Castano getting a takedown and pounding out the exhausted Court.

Shelby Sheenan and Delwayne Stepney put on a wrestling show for the first round with Shelby locking on a deep guillotine in the second to earn the win.

Adan De La Garza and Daniel Delgado put on a stand up show with Delgado controlling the fight from bell to bell. Adan never seemed to get comfortable unless you count when he would get knocked down.

Phillip Morales and Sean Needum brought the crowd to their feet in the main event of the night. If you have not seen an almost 50 year old amateur fighter “Hulk Up”, after being head kicked by another fighter who could be his son then you have not lived. What Sean lacked in speed and cardio he made up for with his “grown man strength” as he landed bombs on the young Morales who quickly decided he was not going to trade power shots with the elder Needum. Phillip worked a great strategy as he picked Sean apart from the outside and battered his legs with kicks for three rounds until Needum could stand no more, and the ref stopped the fight. Though Morales won the fight Needum won the hearts and respect of the crowd.

This was a very good card considering the low experience level of the fighters. Each fight was entertaining, and while there was no superstar moment, no one in the crowd left without being entertained. Seth and Brett will no doubt be back in Houston soon, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this duo. The MMA/Grappling card they have created is an exciting card for all types of fans. If you did not come to this card, you must attend the next one.

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