Figh for Faith: Recap and Pictures

Written By: Hector Silva
Photos By: Ryan Brio

On Saturday June 18th, 2011 one of the biggest BJJ superfights to ever hit Houston exploded onto Cinco Ranch Highschool. As promised by Pastor Bryan Beaver, the Fight 4 Faith Grappling Tournament was headlined by a superfight between Andre Galvao and Carlos Diego. I don’t think even Pastor Beaver expected his tournament would end up being  such a great success, but good thing it was because the profits from the tournament all went to charity!

Anticipation was at an all time high while every spectator waited for Andrea Galvao from Atos BJJ to take on Arsenal’s Carlos Diego Ferreira.  Every since the match up was announced the Houston BJJ community had been anticipating the chance to witness the 7 time world champion Galvao in action against Texas’s own up and comer in Ferreira. Although Carlos has been taking the BJJ scene by storm over the past year, he was still a heavy underdog going into the match.  When it came down to fight time though, Carlos showed he was a game opponent. Carlos immediately pulled guard, pulling Galvao into his game at the same time. The match was a back and forth struggle that consisted of Glavao trying to pass Carlos’s Guard; a feat only accomplished once by Galvao. That pass would win him the match. Carlos fought his heart out until the very end, almost scoring a take-down in the remaining seconds of the match.

This was one of the most electric matches of the day as the crowd witnessed it in awed silence. Normally, this much excitement would usually cap off a regular tournament, but the amount of black belts that would compete would be a great delight and provided the tournament with one of the deepest absolute divisions since the Houston open. The No Gi Expert Absolute division featured an array of black belts that a Houston BJJ fan would normaly only dream of! It consisted of Andre Galvao, Jordan Rivas, Jorge “Macaco” Patino, Jason Soliz, and Alexandro Ceconi among others. The Final of this division should have been a superfight of its own as Rillion Gracie prodigy Alexandro Ceconi went at it against Andre Galvao in what was declared match of the day by many who witnessed it! Andre Galvao defeated Ceconi and won the division.

The Black Belt Absolute Gi Division was not overshadowed by the No-Gi Division however, with competitors like Andre Galvao, Carlos Diego Ferreira, Eddie Ramos, and Alexandro Ceconi (to name a few) in it. . The Final was a rematch of the events super-fight.. Andre Galvao again defeated a very game Carlos Diego Ferreira to become the overall winner of the Black Belt divisions.

The Fight 4 Faith Tournament lived up to its high expectations and more. I know every Jiu-Jitsu practitioner was happy to help out the church and had a great time. We look forward to more tournaments put on by Pastor Beaver and hopefully more high end super-fights!

Enjoy the pics!