Free Shirts Giveaway – Legacy FC 03/20/2010

We didn’t have the street team with us, because those slackers were on spring break, but that didn’t stop us from giving out more free shirts.

These bad boys (the shirts) are quickly becoming a HOT item around town.  Even Mike Swick got in on the giveaway!

Legacy-Fan-Pics-009 Legacy-Fan-Pics-011 Legacy-Fan-Pics-013 Legacy-Fan-Pics-016 Legacy-Fan-Pics-018 Legacy-Fan-Pics-020 Legacy-Fan-Pics-023 Legacy-Fan-Pics-024 Legacy-Fan-Pics-027 Legacy-Fan-Pics-028 Legacy-Fan-Pics-033 Legacy-Fan-Pics-036 Legacy-Fan-Pics-037 Legacy-Fan-Pics-039