Cage Combat 6 Weigh In: Recap, Photos and Awards

Written By: Barry Laminack
Photos By: Barry Laminack 

The nakedness has ended and it’s time to get down to fighting. First and foremost I must say I am disappoint (that is how you kids say it on the webernets right?). I’m disappointed that nobody showed up to claim the twenty dollars cash and HOU MMA shirt that I offered up. All they had to do was weigh-in in a g-string.

As for the fights, the good news is no fights got dropped and everybody eventually made weight.

And now, I present my coveted “Weigh-In Awards” (click for full size image)

Skimpy Drawers Award

Best Hair

Best Flaming Nipple

Best worst face (AKA The Alter Boy Pose)

Best "Suuuup duuuuuude"

Best Nipple Slip


If you haven’t got your tickets for tomorrow’s fights, you can do so RIGHT HERE. We sold out of VIP tables (we had the last 2 on the planet) but we still have about 30 tickets left and we aren’t getting any more, so grab ’em while you can HERE.

If for some reason you can’t make it out tomorrow we’ll be doing are usual live round by round play by play AND we’ll be doing LIVE audio play by play as well! Audio play by play will be of the last 6 fights. Tune in!

Enjoy the pics and we’ll see you guys and gals at the fights!

John Rodriguez VS. Raul Rodriguez

Ignacio Martinez VS. Daniel Everitt

Eric Thompson VS. Ralph Garcia

Dat Nguyen VS. Daniel Delgado

Joel Haesacke VS. Kenny Issac

Joel Rivera VS. Rob Wood

Jeremy Lieder VS. Justin Pifer

James Deherrera VS. Carlos Jimenez

Lucas Orozco VS. Eric Caminos

Paulina Granados VS. Ashley Meza

Alex Melendez VS. Chris Lopez

Geoffrey Neal VS. Levi West