Cage Combat 6 Photo Gallery

Photography By: Andy Hemingway

Cage Combat 6 is behind us, but before we let the weekend get away we wanted to post up a photo gallery for you guys and gals. We brought in the very talented Andy Hemingway to shoot the event. Enjoy the pics.

We’ll be putting some of these along with unpublished pictures on our Facebook Page later today, so make sure you stop by over there as well.

Enjoy the pics!

John Rodriguez VS. Raul Rodriguez

Ignacio Martinez VS. Daniel Everitt


Eric Thompson VS. Ralph Garcia


Dat Nguyen VS. Daniel Delgado


Joel Haesacke VS. Kenny Issac


Joel Rivera VS. Rob Wood


Jeremy Lieder VS. Justin Pifer


James Deherrera VS. Carlos Jimenez


Lucas Orozco VS. Eric Caminos


Paulina Granados VS. Ashley Meza


Alex Melendez VS. Chris Lopez


Geoffrey Neal VS. Levi West