Bushi Ban Dungals – Pictures and Recap


This past Saturday the Bushi Ban Dungals rolled into town for the 16th time, and just like the previous 15 the Dungals showed why it’s one of the favorite events among competitors. Master Zuffi and the entire Bushi Ban staff did a great job of coordinating the packed event, and the action never ceased. All of the referee’s at the Dungals have at least ten years martial arts experience.  This helps to maintain safety and keeps the complaints down. Houston came out in force with hundreds of competitors and spectators packing the Marriott hotel ballroom.  With all of the Houston schools represented, this was an action packed event with many of Houston’s rising MMA stars competing. The highlight of the day was the Justin Murray versus Forrest match that went the full time limit and showed the heart and grit of these two warriors.

Bushi Ban has set high standards with the Dungals, and this event raised the bar even higher. The city of Houston look’s forward to the return of the Dungals, and the great competition it brings.

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