Update: Young off Shark Fights Card.

(Houston, TX) – TheCageDoor.net has learned that Artenas Young‘s scheduled fight on Shark Fights 14 is off.  In a phone conversation with Young, TheCageDoor.net learned that his opponent was unable to pass his physical and was not allowed to take the fight.  The comes only days after Young’s originally scheduled opponent, Kyle Bracey, pulled out of their fight because of an injury.

Young following his victory over Ike Villanueva at Legacy

“Bracey said he tore a ligament on a Sunday…nobody trains on a Sunday,” Young said of the cancelled fight with Bracey.

Young is frustrated that he can’t seem to get fights at 185.

“It’s like the whole 185 class is running from me. It’s like I’m a bull and everyone is running from me. I’m calling it ‘the running of the scared’.”

He did say that Shark Fights was still going to pay him his show money, or as he put it his “no show” money. He also said they planned to honor the two fight contract and that he will most likely fight for them again in May.

As far as getting a fight now, “Real fighters don’t dodge people, we fight because this is what we do. I feel like everybody is running scared. How can there not be one 185’er that wants to fight me. I am calling out all 185’ers. Lets do it”

When asked who he would like to fight, Young responded, “I would fight anybody available. I’m in the best shape of my life right now.  So Chris Spicer, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Josh Foster; I’ll fight anyone.”

I asked if he would fight Jonathan Mack, to which Young replied, “Yeah, I will fight Jonathan Mack…if there is nobody else to fight. I will beat him up, and I won’t feel sorry for him while I”m doing it.”

Young said he planned to be in New Mexico until April, but that would depend on who (if anyone) he can get a fight with.

“I’ll be back [to Houston] in time to get MG nation riled up if I can get a fight on April 9 at Legacy.”

Initial word from Legacy’s match maker Collin Cantrell is that they are looking into the possibilities of adding Young to the card, but the card is already loaded with a few more possible fights in the works.