Rumor Mill: World Grappling Circuit Adding Competitor Appreciation Show – Plus Confirmed 2012 Schedule

Written By: Barry Laminack

Let’s start with what we know, here is the confirmed 2012 schedule for Fight to Win/World Grappling Circuit (FTW/WGC). They are planning 9 fights total; 8 of those will be in Texas. By city there will be 2 in Austin, 1 in Dallas, 4 in Houston and 1 in San Antonio. The only event no in Texas will be Arnolds, held in Ohio. Also of note is the return of FTW/WGC to Europa in Dallas in August.

Here is the official schedule:

  • Jan 14th – Austin
  • March – 3rd – Arnolds (Ohio)
  • April 7th – Legacy Grappling Championships I – Houston
  • April 21 – Austin
  • June – Houston
  • July – Legacy Grappling Championships II – Houston
  • August – EUROPA – Dallas
  • October – San Antonio
  • November – Houston

Now to the rumor.

Rumor has it that Fight to Win and World Grappling Circuit are planning a tournament on January 14, 2012 (currently scheduled for Austin) as appreciation for the competitors.  The tournament could be held at the Edge off of Rayford/Sawdust in The Woodlands area.  We’re told they would be charging $25 for individual divisions and $15 for absolutes.  That means no paying for divisions you may not use.  The benefits would mean lower prices and more competition.

No word if they would cancel the Austin show or do both.

As we have more info or can confirm the rumor, we’ll let you know!