Rilion Gracie To Teach In Houston

Written by: Lance Edwards

TCD recently made contact with The Rilion Gracie Academy in Florida to find out more information about their school opening in Houston.

Many people were speculating that it was an affiliate school that would not necessarily be linked in closely to the school in Florida. Christina Gracie kindly took the time to explain the relationship between the school and the main academy in Miami. She said that Master Rilion will indeed be teaching in Houston regularly.

“We are planning on opening our Houston Academy during the second week of February. Rilion will be the lead instructor, and he will be scheduled to teach–in person–often. He will also be assisted by many of his renowned black belts.

It is our understanding that many rumors are circulating that our new Academy is an associated location–not a bona fide Rilion Gracie Academy. This simply is not true. Rilion will own and personally operate this location. As stated on our website, this location will be the only Academy in Texas that is owned and operated by an actual Gracie family member.”, Christiana told me.

The Houston BJJ community continues to evolve and grow and is proving to be a major player in BJJ both nationally and internationally.