Jason Frank Goes on Record About Strikeforce Fight

Written By: Barry Laminack

In an exclusive interview with TheCageDoor.net, Jason David Frank went on record about the rumors surrounding a possible fight with Strikeforce at the Strikeforce Challengers 14 card in Cedar Part, TX.

In case you hadn’t heard, there has been a lot of speculation that Frank would get a fight with Strikeforce on the card.  Once the rumor got around that a possible deal was in the works, several fighters stepped up for a shot at the former Power Ranger.  Most notably (and most recently) Artenas “The Machine Gun” Young said here on TheCageDoor.net that he would take the fight for “…one American dollar”.

Frank confirmed with me via phone that there was in fact several discussions with Strikeforce about him appearing on the Feb 16 card.  When I asked if a deal was going to get done, he told me no. “To be honest with you, they just said the budget isn’t there for this show. That has an affect on several things, including the ability for them to promote the show and my fight,” Frank said.

Frank seemed confident that things would eventually get worked out and the he would be able to fight for the organization. “When the opponent, the money and the promotion is right, I’m there,” Frank told me. He added, “I’m sharpening my sword. When the time comes, I’ll be ready.”

As for the talk and attention the Karate Hall of Fame member is getting about his past opponents?  He said simply, “I’m not the one challenging everyone to a fight. There are a lot of people talking and that’s fine.  I don’t have time to talk. I’m training man. I’ve said it before, just come out to my gym and train with us. Just come fight or spar. Leave your posse at home, bring your gloves and come train/fight.  Anybody is welcome to come by and spar. I’m there everyday at 1pm.”

When I asked him his thoughts on being offered the fight by Artenas Young, Frank said, “I don’t think he was being cocky. He’s just trying to get a fight.  Just because I fight Machine Gun doesn’t mean that I’m legit. Plenty of fighters want to fight me. I get it and I understand why, but I’m not out to prove anything, I’m comfortable in my own skin. I was in Hollywood and on TV for many years, so I’m used to having some people who like me and just as many who don’t like me.”

Frank said that should a deal with Strikeforce actually get done, he won’t have much choice when it comes to who he will be fighting against. “If and when the fight happens, they are going to pick 2-3 fighters for me to choose form. I’ll have no say in who those are; I’ll just be allowed to pick from who the present to me.”

Frank’s gym, Rising Sun Karate, is located at 13139 North Lake Houston Parkway, Houston 77044.