MMA Covering Houston: Recap

Written by: Mike Miller

MMA Covering Houston was truly a remarkable event. If you have never given anything to a stranger in need, it is truly a remarkable feeling, one that I will never forget, and feeling that will make me strive to do it more and do it often. The group we had was small, but the fighting spirit of Houston MMA carried its way to HWY 59 and Congress St and represented the Houston MMA community very honorably.

The moment of the day with out a doubt was when Derrick “The Black beast” Lewistook his Silverback team jacket off of his own back and gave it to a homeless man. Towards the end of the day, we were down to childrens and baby blankets, and eventually a woman with a small child and infant walked up and we gladly gave her everything we had left.  As good as it felt to help the mother, it saddened all of our hearts to see the children in such hardship. It was that moment we all looked at each other and decided we have to do this again. And we will!

This first one was put together in about 10 days. I can only imagine how great we all could do if it was planned out better and we all had more time to get ready. Thank you so much for everyone who helped out with this:  Sgt Toby Morris, Derrick Lewis , Conor hogan, Sam Ferguson, Artenas Young, Cory Allmand, Mark Young, Amy Summerlyn, Michael Rodriguez , Big Bad Buda Daddy.

– Mike Miller