Martial Arts Job Openings

Written By: AJ Hoffman

The economy is tough, and we see it every day on Facebook were guys involved with the Houston MMA scene (especially fighters) are looking for work. So when Submission Boxing’s Mario Martinez approached us and asked if we could help spread the word that one of the places he is working for was looking for some help, we said heck yes. It was a no brainer really.

The Be A Champion organization is looking for two instructors in the Klein area, one instructor in the North Houston area and one instructor in the Pasadena area to work in their martial arts program. This is a chance for one of you fighters out there to make some money teaching.

You have to go through the entire hiring process, which starts by filling out an online application at From there you will be asked to come in for an interview and possibly an onsite evaluation at one of their campuses.

  • Klein needs two instructors on Mondays and one instructor on Wednesdays.
  • North Houston needs one instructor on Fridays.
  • Pasadena needs one instructor on Mondays and Wednesdays.

For more information on the jobs or the programs, contact Camryn Barganier at (281) 833-3129 or