LFC and WGC to host Legacy Grappling Championships 1

Written By: Barry Laminack

TheCageDoor.net has learned that Brett Boyce (Made to Win/World Grappling Circuit) and Mick Maynard (Legacy Fighting Championship) will be working together in 2012 to bring the Houston BJJ scene a new type of BJJ tournament operating under the name Legacy Grappling Championships.

Brett Boyce

“World Grappling Circuit Presents: Legacy Grappling Championships I” will be the name of the first tournament, scheduled to take place in March 2012. The tournament will be Gi and No-Gi and we’re told it will be very similar to the wildly popular tournaments Brett Boyce already puts on in conjunction with Fight to Win.

This new partnership is only part of the story. There is an interesting twist that looks to be a great addition to the standard BJJ tournament.

The new concept will be called “One More Round” and will feature past Legacy Fighting Championship match-ups that took place inside the cage; but this time pitting the two fighters against each other on the mats. As Boyce explained to TheCageDoor.net, it’s a new twist on the old “Super-Fight” concept.

“We are introducing a new concept that we are calling ‘One More Round.’ Past Legacy Fighting Champions match-ups will be offered to go again on the mats. We will select a few old time great match-ups and let the grappling community vote on the one they would like to see the most. We hope that it will be a step up from your normal Super-fight,” Boyce told TheCageDoor.net.

Mick Maynard

Boyce also told us that he will still be running his usual schedule of tournaments with Seth Daniels (Fight To Win) including a return to Europa in 2012. In a related not, Boyce also told us that they have been offered the opportunity to run the Arnold Classic in March. In total, Fight To Win/World Grappling Circuit have six scheduled tournaments in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio in 2012.

“We feel like that you can never have too many well priced, well run tournaments. Mick and I are excited about being able to bring the grappling community more,” Boyce told TCD.

“We are hoping to get two to three shows in next year,” he added.

Don’t forget that the Brett and Seth’s next tournament is mere days aways. The Texas Open goes down at the Legends Sports Complex in Spring, Tx on November 19th. You can register here, but also keep an eye out on TheCageDoor.net as well because we will be giving away a FREE registration to one lucky grappler. Details to come soon!

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