Legacy Presents the 2012 Amateur Tournament Series

Written By: Barry Laminack

This hits just keep on coming for the guys over at Legacy Promotions as the Houston based company continues to churn out innovative ideas; their latest being a new twist for their amateur series. The announcement comes only days after the announcement of the Legacy Grappling Championships earlier in the week. Though it doesn’t have an official name yet, I’m calling it (unofficially of course) the 2012 Legacy Amateur Tournament Series.

I spoke with Collin Cantrell and Mick Maynard today and they are excited about their latest initiative. As Cantrell described it to me, he told me they are going to implement a points system that will reward fighters for wins. An example would be something like the following (NOTE: This is NOT the official points system, only an example that I made up to show the concept)

  • KO Win – 5 Points
  • Sub Win -5 Points
  • Dec WIn – 4 Points
  • Split Dec. Win – 3Points
  • Fight of the Night – 2 Points
  • KO of the Night – 2 Points
  • Sub of the Night – 2 Points
  • Loss – 0 Points

The fighters that accumulate the most points at the end of 2012 will be named the Legacy amateur fighters of the year and will be rewarded with a Legacy pro Prize Pack that includes a 3 fight contract with the LFC (among other items to be named later).

“The tournaments will be in different weight classes and will start on our January 21st card. Fighters and coaches should contact me ASAP if they are interested (collin@legacyfights.tv),” Cantrell said on Facebook.

I asked Cantrell and Maynard what they would do if the fighter wasn’t ready to go pro yet and was told, “The contract will be waiting on them when ever they are ready.”

No word on if this will encompass all of the weight classes or just a select few. My guess is it will be for 125, 135, 145, 155, and 170lb divisions for sure. I doubt we’ll see anything for the middleweight, light heavyweight or heavyweight division given the thin crop of fighters in each division here in Houston.

Keep in mind that the LAS Tournament Series is still in the development stages, so look for some changes to occur over the next couple of weeks as they iron out the details and finalize the process. For example, the possiblity excist that the tournament series could include Dallas fighters as well, bo

In the end though, this is something new and innovative and should be a lot of fun for the scene (as well as us here at TheCageDoor.net) to keep track of during the course of 2012. In fact, we’ll have a space on the website devoted to tracking ALL of the points for all of the fighters all year long!

Stay tuned to TheCageDoor.net as we bring you the latest news and information surrounding the Legacy Amateur Series and the LFC.