Breaking News: Legacy/Lonestar Beatdown 2010 Schedule Released

breaking_news has been given an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming 2010 Legacy FC and Lonestar Beatdown fight schedule.  With 11 shows upcoming (3 pro and 8 amateur), this year looks to be packed with fights.  There will be 3 Pro Legacy dates here in Houston in 2010 (March 20th, July 1th and November 20th).  “Our goal is to take Legacy to other cities at the right time, but Houston will always be our home,” said Mick Maynard, President and Owner of Legacy FC and Lonestar Beatdown.

What stands out about the schedule is the expansion of Lonestar Beatdown to Dallas and Austin, with each city getting 3 shows in 2010.  “We’ve done a show in Fort Worth before, but not Dallas metro or Austin,” Maynard said.  When asked about the rumors of a card in Chicago he added, “Chicago has come up, but it is still just talk at this point.  We are also looking at New Orleans”.

The 2010 schedule is as follows* :

January 29 – Austin – Lone Star Beatdown

February 20 – Dallas – Lone star Beatdown

March 20 – Houston – Legacy FC

April 17 – Austin  – Lone Star Beatdown

May 15 – Houston – Lone Star Beatdown

July 17 – Houston – Legacy FC

August 14 – Dallas – Lone Star Beatdown

September 18 – Houston – Lone Star Beatdown

October 16 – Austin – Lone Star Beatdown

November 20 – Houston – Legacy FC

December  11 – Dallas – Lone Star Beatdown

(We will have all of these dates added to our Calendar by the end of the day)

When asked about upcoming names for any of the fights, Mick had this to say, “We are looking to build homegrown talent.  If the right household name comes up from out of state or out of the country I would love to match them up with a local up and comer. We have had discussions with former WEC and UFC fighters in addition to well known fighters out of Brazil to appear on our cards but it would have to make sense. Honestly I would love nothing more than to see one of our Texas fighters compete against a better known  competitor and it catapult our local guy to bigger things. That’s will always be the goal.”

If the first Legacy was any indication of things to come for the Pro MMA scene here in Houston, 2010 should be a great year of fights.

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(*all dates are pending TDLR approval and are tentative)