Legacy Announces 5 finalist for next Jason David Frank Opponent

Written By: Barry Laminack

After weeks of speculation, debate and even some heated discussion, Legacy has finally revealed the five fighters that are in line for a fight with Jason David Frank.

As previously mentioned when we first reported the story, Frank has been a lightning rod of controversy since he burst onto the Houston MMA scene back in January 2010.  Some have questioned his motivations, others have questioned his opponents, but those in the know have never questioned his stand up. The Karate Hall of Fame member has trained Muay Thai with the likes of Master Toddy out in Las Vegas as well as many respected trainers here in Texas, including his recent move to Silverback where he trains under Tony Orozco.

All of the controversy has lead Legacy to agree to put Frank on a card, if he would let the fans pick his next opponent. He did, and here we are. Below are the five finalist that Mick Maynard, Collin Cantrel and crew have chosen. It’s up to the fans now to pick who they want to see step into the cage and battle Frank.


Name Jermain Anugwom
Pro Record Debut
Amateur Record 4-2-0
Height 6’1″
Weight 230lbs
Gym Windy Sport and Fitness

Jermain is a standup machine with devistating kicks. He was able to almost KO and hard headed Miguel Guerra with a shin padded head kick. He’s got tree trunks for legs and is an explosive stand up fighter (he gets that from his Capoeira background.

Name Marcus Anthony Baca
Pro Record Debut
Amateur Record 14-2-0
Height 6’0″
Weight 200lbs
Trained in Martial Arts for over 32 years
Competed in over 200 Semi-Full and Full-Contact Competition since the age of ten
6 Dan Black Belt
Represented USA in 1995 World Cup in Sydney Alstralia
Currently training at the Jackson academy in New Mexico
Name Shawn Machado
Pro Record 2-0-0
Amateur Record 0-1-0
Height 5’8″
Weight 200lbs
Gym Hoger MMA
There is no doubt that Machado is on a ROLL. He’s 2-0 as a pro, coming off fight of the night honors against Tony Orozco of Silverback MMA (the man now in charge of training JDF). Machado proved he’s got the cardio to hang with anyone in his last fight. There is no doubt that he’s got the chin and the power to hang with JDF, the question is would he be able to get inside on JDF? Of all the fighters listed, Machado could be the toughest test for JDF on the ground AND standing.
Name Evan Thompson
Pro Record Debut
Amateur Record 4-2-0
Height 6’3″
Weight 205lbs
Kickboxing Record: 9-2 (5 ko’s)
Started Martial Arts ate the age of 3
Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
Black Belt in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
Black Belt in American Kickboxing
Purple Belt in BJJ under Brother in-law Carlos Machado
Titles Held: East Coast Kickboxing Champion, North American Kickboxing , World Classic Kickboxing Title
Name Edgard Verdin
Pro Record 0-1-0
Amateur Record 3-1-0
Height 6’1″
Weight 200lbs
Gym Submission Boxing
Edgar didn’t get the nickname hands of stone for nothing. He’s got HEAVY hands and KO power in both. He’s looking to avenge a loss against John King, but has been out with an injury since that fight late last year.  If Verdin is the pick, expect him to test JDF’s chin early and often.

Who Would YOU pick? (please not this is an UNOFFICIAL POLL for fun and to get an idea of who the fans are voting for. It is NOT the final poll and is NOT official.

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