Legacy Amateur Card Updates

Written By: Barry Laminack

Most amateur cards experience several changes, additions and subtractions, and the July 29 Legacy card is no different. It’s a highly anticipated card that has already generated a healthy amount of buzz. Match maker Collin Cantrell just sent out the latest card, so we wanted to put it up for you.

First things first, all three originally scheduled title fights are still on!

The original card was release on June 3 and has already seen 5 fights drop off, including the return of Jordan Gaza to Houston, who was scheduled to square off against Corrine Zepeda (Kingwood MMA).

Other fights of interest no longer on the card include Tucker Dierksheide (Death Row MMA) vs. Mike Smith (RSKA). Instead, Mike Trinh of Metro Fight Club will face Smith. Also Jacob Silva (Silverback MMA) is absent from the card. Silva was set to face Mike Beltran (Gracie Barra Katy). Replacing Silva is Eduan Espaillat (Metro Fight Club).

Charlie Ontiveros (Hard Head Hitters) replaces Corey Allmand (Hoger MMA) and will face James Powell.

Instead of Ricky Turcious Gracie Barra The Woodlands facing Dominque Pittman Team Bailout, he will now be facing Bushi Ban fighter Alex Ramirez.

Crunching a few numbers for fun, here are the gyms represented and how many fighters they have on the card:

Gym # of Fighters
4oz Fight Team 2
Bushi Ban 5
Elite MMA 3
Gold Team 1
Gracie Barra Katy 1
Gracie Barra Texas 1
Gracie Barra The Woodlands 1
Hard Head Hitters 1
Hoger MMA 1
Iron Dragon 1
Metro Fight Club 6
Paradigm 2
Silverback MMA 1
Sons of Mayhem MMA 1
Sugarland MMA 2
Team Bailout 1
Team Tooke 2
Texas Dojo 1
Tx Fighting Syndicate 1
Urban Jungle 2

(updated 6/9/11)

  1. 155 – Tien Nguyen Metro Fight Club vs. Raul Rodriguez Sugarland MMA
  2. 135 – Vincent Serrano Elite MMA vs. Roberto Sanchez Gracie Barra Draculino
  3. 145 – Antonio Martinez Paradigm vs. Robert Lopez Urban Jungle
  4. 145 – Mike Trinh Metro Fight Club vs. Mike Smith RSKA
  5. 125 – Alex Ramirez Bushi Ban vs. Ricky Turcious Gracie Barra The Woodlands
  6. 125 – David Serrano Bushi Ban vs. Dominque Pittman Team Bailout
  7. 155 – Luis Lara Metro Fight Club vs. Kolton Englund RSKA
  8. 135 – Chris Tornero Texas Dojo vs. Alex Stephens Elite MMA
  9. 155 – Juan Gonzalez Bushi Ban vs. Juan Gonzales Urban Jungle
  10. 205 – Christian Sutton Hoger MMA vs. Matt Steward BVMMA
  11. 135 – Angel Zamora Bushi Ban vs. Rafael Breton Sugarland MMA
  12. 170 – Abraham Lerma Sons of Mayhem MMA vs. Chris Kelly Elite MMA
  13. 135 – Tony Orozco jr Silverback MMA vs. Casey Jones Iron Dragon
  14. 155 – Jorge Jiminez Metro Fight Club vs. Brandon McKenna RSKA
  15. 205 – Micah Williams Gold Team vs. Jabari Shakur Tx Fighting Syndicate
  16. 155 – Eric Valdez Metro Fight Club vs. Eric Garcia Team Tooke
  17. 125 – Eduan Espaillat Metro Fight Club vs. Mike Beltran Gracie Barra Katy
  18. 170 – Charlie Ontiveros Hard Head Hitters vs. James Powell
  19. 125 – Kristy Kester 4oz Fight Team vs. Monica Earnshaw Bushi Ban (TITLE)
  20. 135 – Colin Wright Paradigm vs. Ramiro Cortina RSKA (TITLE)
  21. 170 – Kevin Thomas 4oz Fight Team vs. Levi West Team Tooke (TITLE)