UPDATE: Injury Forces Cook Off Feb. 26 IXFA Card – Pappas steps in

(Press Release) – The IXFA made a press release to local media informing everyone that MMA veteran Chad Cook, who was set to fight IXFA belt holder Ike Villanueva for the Light-Heavyweight Title, has suffered a dislocated rib. Cook’s doctor has advised him against taking the fight.

“This is a very unfortunate situation for me; I was half way through probably my best training camp when I dislocated my rib, I tried to train through the injury but my doctor said I needed 3-4 weeks off to heal. I wanted to just call it down and give the IXFA a chance to replace me on the card. I will be ready for the April IXFA card and hope that Ike and I get a chance to make it up,” Cook said.

The IXFA is currently in talks with a few fighters to step in and replace Cook and we’ll update you as soon as they announce a replacement.


In a follow-up emial, IXFA match maker Chirs Reed was able to announce that Lex Pappas (Gold Team Houston) would be replacing Cook in the title fight.

“Today the IXFA announced the signing of Lex Pappas to replace the injured Chad Cook on the February 26th fight card. Pappas will battle IXFA Light-Heavyweight Champion Ike Villanueva for the title. Lex trains at Gold Team Texas in Sugarland under UFC/Pride Veteran Jorge “Macaco” Patino. We are excited to see Lex in IXFA action,  he won’t disappoint the crowd,” Reed Said.